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    I play F1 on joystick/pad and I want to know - can I somehow set Throttle sensitivity to lower somehow? I tried messing with in game settings steerzones and all that but I felt no difference. I play with no assists.
    I have mayor problems with tyre wear and sliding and I am loosing a lot of seconds because of that. No setup in the world will help, I tried any setup, because whenever I press throttle in goes at full power like I step on gas all the way and wheels spin. I realize that tyre wear is probably scrypted but I loose valuable seconds because of wheel spin and that bugs me and I just can't compete on Legend like this.
    For example, at start, when I press throttle I got a lot of wheel spin and it worse my start speed and plus wear my tyres. Another example would be when I go out of slow corner and start speeding it is not smooth because when I press throttle it goes full power and I get wheel spin. Anyway, You get what my problem is. So, do anyone know of a mod or some settings in game or something that can help me with this?
    I searched everywhere on net for this subject but I got nothing, only for wheel drivers, but nothing for pad.
    Thank You in advance and sorry for such a long post and my bad English :D Cheers from Serbia!
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