rFactor 2 | Big Lime Rock Park PBR Update Released

Studio 397 have deployed a new 'V3' update to the Steam Workshop Lime Rock Park circuit in rFactor 2 - adding the latest PBR graphic details and a number of fixes and tweaks.
  • PBR graphics update added.
  • Free track from Steam Workshop.
  • Improved night lighting
Lime Rock Park is probably not the first name that rolls off the tongue when you think of American race circuits, however despite the slightly lesser known status of the Connecticut venue, one thing is for sure - the track is an absolute blast to drive in low powered or big name racing machinery - and thanks to the latest update from Studio 397, the venue certainly looks to be back to its visual best following this latest V1 release.

Release Notes
  • Full Update of track to latest PBR materials
  • Updated track side vehicles, marshals, crowds and more
  • Reworked Paddock Area
  • Added New Pit Lane objects
  • Clearer Directions out of Pit Lane
  • Improved night lighting
  • Reviewed TDF parameters for road and grass surfaces
  • Improved AI Fast Lines on all layouts
  • Reviewed Cut Detection
  • Fixed several collision issues and gaps
  • Fixed marshals clipping into camera
  • Added no rain zones under bridges
  • Fixed scoreboard not working on several layouts
  • Fixed various Lodding issues
  • Fixed a few floating objects
  • Adjusted file naming so that it does not clash with previous versions.
The Lime Rock Park that is included on the Studio 397 Steam Workshop pages comes complete with four layout variations - the classic no chicane, the all chicane, uphill chicane and west bend layouts - each short, sharp, fast and requiring maximum concentration from the driver in order to keep the car out of the ever inviting barriers!

The track initially released for rFactor 2 back in 2013, however this new V3 update has brought the latest graphical refinements to the venue, and addressed or improved several areas within the content that put LRP back up towards the top of the list of quality official content within the simulation.

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What is PBR?

Was this track update the promised new track or will be there a new track? I really hope for Imola or Monza. Still can't understand why there is no Imola or Monza in rF2.

Imola was released ages ago
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Imola was released ages ago

How is the quality of the Reiza tracks? There is Monza in the workshop, but it is not really a good quality. I really hope for Monza this year.:)
I am a fan of PBR stuff too in rF2. There is something that I'd like to point out, just one thing. But why should I do it. It is alright.
I'm impressed, this is a well made track, and the PBR updates created very good lighting. My comparison is iRacing and I'd say the rF2 version is better except for the nitpick that iRacing has better sense of scale in the surrounding hills, it helps give you a sense of place and distance. The track has tonnes of trackside objects, it feels lived in, and has a sense of a race weekend atmosphere.

There's something weird with sunrise/sunset times and the "look" of the morning light. In games like iR/AMS2/PC2/ACC I think they've got it right for the lat/lng of the track but rF2 doesnt seem to correctly place the sun or set the lighting for it.
It is loading Lime Rock Park 2012, is that correct? Never mind, got it.
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Always loved the little uphill chicane. New trees and trackside objects make it look much
better now.

I hope Toban is updated too.

But I still miss blue skies. The existing sky is always too bright or whitish. When will a real
'darker' nicer blue sky be implemented here? Blue skies like in Live for Speed, AMS 2, etc.
What is PBR?

Was this track update the promised new track or will be there a new track? I really hope for Imola or Monza. Still can't understand why there is no Imola or Monza in rF2.
This update was announced in the March roadmap, so it was a bit delayed. So this is not the new track they announced. That will probably take a few months before release. Imola is already in rF2, with several historic layouts and that is part of the Reiza pack. Monza would be nice to have as official Studio 397 content, and maybe that new track will be Monza. In the meanwhile, there is a Monza track mod in the Steam Workshop.

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