Developer Motorsport Games has provided more details on next NASCAR title, which will include a new physics engine, a new graphics engine, and further car customization.

George Holmquist of Motorsport Games recently provided details to IGN about their forthcoming NASCAR 21 title. Not only will the title benefit from Motorsport Games’ acquisition of Studio 397 and share a physics engine with rFactor 2, but also receive a bump in aesthetics thanks to the use of the Unreal graphics engine.

The famed rFactor 2 physics engine will undoubtedly provide Motorsport Games with a capable tool for delivering a pure racing simulation if they choose. How far they take those capabilities remains to be seen, however. Recent NASCAR Heat titles have skewed strongly toward more casual gamers, so it might be unrealistic to expect the next title to have every aspect of the rFactor 2 physics implemented. Check out our review of NASCAR Heat 5 to learn more about the current state of the series.

On the graphics front, the utilization of the Unreal Engine elicits a sense of cautious optimism. KartKraft and Assetto Corsa Competizione are both Unreal Engine based racing titles, and both have excellent graphics as a result. However, particularly in the case of ACC, the Unreal Engine is notably resource heavy for PCs. Some users even report that Competizione is unplayable in VR due to the limited frame rates their system can produce. We can hope that Motorsport Games finds ways of optimizing the title, including support for AMD’s FidelityFX system that many game studios are beginning to implement.

With those new graphics capabilities comes another feature that fans of the series have been asking for: a paint booth. Car customization has been a leading request from users, and Motorsport Games will oblige their fans this time around by allowing a greater level of paint customization.

Where this new NASCAR title lands on the spectrum of racing games and racing simulations lands won’t be known until release, but Motorsport Games seems to be heading in a more positive direction with these announcements. The date of the public release of this title isn’t yet known, but more details are expected to be announced in the coming months.

What are your expectations for the next NASCAR title? Do you think rFactor’s physics engine will redeem the driving experience? Was the choice to use the Unreal Engine the right one? Let us know in the comments below.
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