1. Paul Jeffrey

    NASCAR | Newman Sustains Serious But Not Life Threatening Injuries

    NASCAR star Ryan Newman has sustained what are described as 'serious'' but 'not life threatening' injuries during the closing moments of the NASCAR Daytona 500 on Monday. The 42-year-old American was leading the premier NASCAR race of the season at Daytona when his #6 Roush Fenway Racing...
  2. Paul Jeffrey

    iRacing | NASCAR K&N Preview

    Check out this rather epic looking new video preview of the in development new iRacing damage model - heading to the NASCAR K&N car this coming March. We've already got a very limited release of the new damage model for iRacing within the simulation at present, however the US based team are...
  3. FRC.Poollugar

    FRCWhango 0.6

    FRCWhango ,FRCZralinerwo 2 tracks to race like nfs 3 the canyon track wipeout with formel 1 mod for GTR2 or again for Truck Racing
  4. Paul Jeffrey

    Tony Stewart's Sprint Car Racing Released

    A brand new dirt racing game has been released by NASCAR legend and sprint cup driver Tony Stewart. Available from February 14th on both Xbox One and PlayStation 4, the new Tony Stewart's Sprint Car Racing has been developed by former NASCAR Heat developers Monster Games, and comes complete...
  5. Paul Jeffrey

    iRacing | NASCAR AI Now Available

    The next content batch to receive the AI treatment in iRacing has been released - NASCAR! Ok, not all the tracks are currently capable of hosting races against the AI, for now only Talladega Super Speedway and Daytona International Speedway have been AI-enabled, but today marks an important...
  6. tcHACHA

    POCONO RACEWAY 2018 TT v1.0

    Minha versão convertida para o AMS da famosa Pocono Location = Long Pond, Pennsylvania, USA TrackType = Speedway Oval Length = 2.5 Miles Officialmeters = 4023.36 thanks to, Reiza Studio for AMS SimGarage 3DSIMED Photoshop CS5 Agnaldo Nascimento Email Team Tchacha...
  7. tcHACHA

    Martinsville Speedway 2018 TT 1.0

    Pista original Minha versão convertida para o AMS da famosa Martinsville . Location = Martinsville, Virginia Length = 0.526 Mile Officialmeters = 846.514 TrackType = Short Track thanks to, Reiza Studio for AMS SimGarage...
  8. tcHACHA

    Riverside Raceway 1990 TT v1.0

    Pista original Minha versão convertida para o AMS da famosa Riverside. Location = USA, Riverside California Length = 2.62 mi./4.22 km. TrackType = Permanent Road Course thanks to, Reiza Studio for AMS...
  9. FRC.Poollugar

    thon 1

    here are the thon shankloors thon is a drift track for the gtr2 truck mod basic textures to use truck drifting take from my leakyah setup for nascar drifting
  10. CivElox

    Pit Viper Nascar 1.0

    Hello, know i will show you my Nascar skin from VinnieMiller-Racing. Its isnt perrfekt but u can call me if i should optimized it :) have fun ^^ and here is thr Original one: w
  11. Black-Coffee

    [Skin] Honda Acty HA3 「Sake-powerTanaka」(Fantasy NASCAR Style color) 0.5

    「HONDA ACTY HA3 「Sake-powerTanaka」 v0.5 (Fantasy [Tanaka liquor store]NASCAR style color) 」Wako'sをイメージした NASCAR style 田中酒店軽トラ(ファンタジーカラー)。 もっとナスカーっぽく仕上げようと思っていたのだが出来上がったら普通に下町の何でも扱う酒屋さん仕様だった。 それっぽい要素はゼッケンしか無いwwwwやっぱり日本人なんだと納得してしまいました。 @ステッカー類はほぼ資料画像等を見ながらトレースして作りましたが実車とは異なる部分が在ります。 [Assetto...
  12. Fabian Balle

    Will NR2003 Mods come to RD ?

    With NR2003 beeing probably the best ever Nascar game on PC it would be great to have a section for the 1000+ mods/tracks/physics and paint schemes hereon RD. It also could make the game a bit more active when many Nascar fans see NR2003 here on this site.
  13. Paul Jeffrey

    NASCAR HEAT 4 | Expensive and Pretty Pointless November DLC Released

    The latest DLC offering for NASCAR Heat 4 is now available - and the pricing strategy feels pretty ridiculous... NASCAR Heat 4 is fundamentally a pretty solid racing game, certainly a step up in many aspects over the original games in the franchise, and something that NASCAR fans can now...
  14. FRITO

    Cole Trickle (CUP90) 1.1

    ================================================== Assetto Corsa "Cole Trickle" v.1.1 by Frito (ZFLB) ================================================== If you like my mod, consider donate: Version History: v.1.1 - finished helmet texture and fixed alpha...
  15. Ricardo Gomes

    3to CUP90 - NASCAR Winston Cup 1990 Harry Gant #33 SKOAL Oldsmobile skin 0.9

  16. Ricardo Gomes

    3to CUP90 - NASCAR Winston Cup 1990 Ernie Irvan #4 Kodak Oldsmobile 0.9

    In loving memory of Ernie Irvan SKIN REQUIRES THE LATEST VERSION OF THE AC CUP90 mod available HERE: MOD DOWNLOAD
  17. tcHACHA

    TALLADEGA 2018 RFACTOR 2 - Team Tchacha 2019-10-23

  18. FRC.Poollugar

    Wilenaer 2019-10-07

    A nascar track 20 km long a round a hill. with 3 setups for the nascar mod golonmar:formel;leakyah:drift;Wilenaer:Lowrider lowrider wilenear video:
  19. Paul Jeffrey

    NASCAR Heat 4 Now Available

    704Games have made available the latest release in their ongoing NASCAR Heat series of console and PC racing games. Representing the 2019 Monster Energy NASCAR Series and associated support categories the likes of the Xfinity Series, Camping World Trucks and the popular Xtreme Dirt Tour fantasy...
  20. FRC.Poollugar

    golnmar 2019-09-09

    A source from a track they i have build in Grand Turismo 6 before 3 years. very fast a little bit mario kart and long curves. golonmar formel video: leakyah drift video...