1. X

    LA Memorial Coliseum NASCAR 0.2

    Im truly amazed that no one has made a mod for this yet! That does not mean this is going to be the best mod ever however. This is mere but a work in progress at the moment. Please be aware, the AI may not pit in any race due to the pit lane having such a tight and wide entry.
  2. TomLehockySVK

    Mark Martin - Valvoline Liveries 1.0

    A commission for user "panderingslats" also known as "POGGERS 911 GT2 RS Clubsport 25", aiming to recreate the consummate v's Valvoline look of 1998-1999. This look was seen in NASCAR's Winston Cup series on the #6 Roush Racing Ford of Mark Martin, as well as in CART on the #5 Walker Racing...
  3. iRacing: New Gen 3 NASCAR and Superspeedway Series Coming

    iRacing: New Gen 3 NASCAR and Superspeedway Series Coming

    Retro stock cars of the Gen 3 NASCAR era have been quite popular with oval racing fans in iRacing, and for Season 4 of 2023, the field is getting stronger: The Pontiac Grand Prix joins the grid, bumping up the in-class car count to four - and it should feel right at home in the new Draft Master...
  4. Motorsport Games Might Not See the End of 2023, Tries Selling NASCAR License

    Motorsport Games Might Not See the End of 2023, Tries Selling NASCAR License

    The reports are in, and they do not look optimistic: Motorsport Games has made its Q2 2023 Earnings Report public, which presents a bleak outlook on the company's future. MSG might not even see the end of the year - what does that mean for the licenses of racing series it holds? Image credit...
  5. Dale Earnhardt Jr vs Michael Waltrip vs Jeff Gordon | 2000 Daytona 25 | #assettocorsa

    Dale Earnhardt Jr vs Michael Waltrip vs Jeff Gordon | 2000 Daytona 25 | #assettocorsa

    My first non-open wheel content on my channel! Hope you enjoy this video!A final lap battle for the victory at Daytona 25. Who's gonna win between Dale Earnh...
  6. TheCameraGuy

    2023 Le Mans Garage 56 Driver + Pitcrew Skins (ACSPRH) 1.0

    Here is a set of driver and pitcrew skins for everyone's favorite Nascar that showcased in the 2023 24H of Le Mans. Car skin is not included. Included are: Driver suit, gloves and helmet for Jimmie Johnson Pitcrew Skins Pitboard and other accessories ACSPRH V1 is required for the driver...
  7. Fireprofcargo7

    SVG #91 NASCAR (On the NASCAR G56) V1

    SVG #91 NASCAR
  8. Fireprofcargo7

    NASCAR Garage56 Carbon Testing Livery (ACNM) V1

    Carbon Fiber body testing livery NASCAR Garage56 NASCAR Garage56 car made by Assetto Corsa Nascar Mod Expect a SVG Livery out soon
  9. M

    FSR 2021 Skinpack 2.5

    This is the 2021 fsr skinpack for assetto corsa! I will constantly update the skinpack until most or all of the season is done. The skinpack will have updates hopefully every month depending on when I am free. Important: Make sure to leave ideas of which paint scheme(s) you would like me to...
  10. Raymond Racing

    Pessio Garage EuroNASCAR FJ - Daytona USA Hornet 1.3

    My recreation of the Gallop Racing team Hornet livery from Daytona USA for @Pessio's EuroNASCAR mod; specifically for the TeamFJ RC01-body car. To install, just drag and drop the .RAR file into your content manager, or open up the .RAR and drop the "pg_euronascar_fj" folder into the "cars"...
  11. Why Do Sims Often Struggle with Oval Racing?

    Why Do Sims Often Struggle with Oval Racing?

    Just like real motorsport, sim racing's various disciplines and very different in nature. Circuit racing has been accepted as the standard form, but even there, considerable differences can be found - like on ovals: Despite them being run on closed courses and on tarmac surfaces (for the most...
  12. Rainmaker_87

    Phoenix International Raceway (Oval) 2.1

    This 3D-track was made by Corvette Dave for the rFactor VHR Stockcar mod. It was converted and enhanced to Assetto Corsa by Rainmaker. Thank you CorvetteDave for the permission and nandorock for asking! Features: -replay cameras -working track map -support for hot lap mode -support for time...
  13. 24h Le Mans 2023 - NASCAR Garage 56 #24 Onboard - Assetto Corsa

    24h Le Mans 2023 - NASCAR Garage 56 #24 Onboard - Assetto Corsa

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  14. A

    Fabulous Hudson Hornet 1

    The Hudson Hornet is one of the most iconic cars from the 1950s NASCAR scene. Due to a request from legend I made 3 skins of the Fabulous Hudson for those who want to tear it up on the ovals. I made a set of 3 for Marshall Teague, Herb Thomas and Tim Flock. These aren't 100% accurate so would...
  15. GreenMachine13

    2023 NASCAR L-R Series Fictional Skinpack (28 EuroNASCAR Skins) 1.0

    In the mid 80s, NASCAR wanted to create a road course exclusive series that would allow them to branch out into the Western US market. The plan for the L-R (Left-Right) series would eventually fizzle out, but what if it didn't? This is what it might look like today. Imagined as a step on the...
  16. NASCAR Arcade Rush Announced for 2023

    NASCAR Arcade Rush Announced for 2023

    Image credit: NASCAR/GameMill Entertainment A new NASCAR game is on its way, but it is not going to be a simulator: NASCAR Arcade Rush has been announced for 2023 release on PC and consoles. But just how much NASCAR is going to be in the game? It is already in the name that the game is not...
  17. F

    ARCA sim racing 08

    Hi, I'm keen to try ARCA sim racing 08. Problem is its next to near impossible to find a copy for sale or otherwise online. I know about ARCA sim racing x but i'm mainly into an offline championship modes experience. Can anybody help out please ? Thanks. f
  18. Open Wheel or Tin Top - Which is Your Favorite?

    Open Wheel or Tin Top - Which is Your Favorite?

    The great variety in motorsport and, as a result, in sim racing, offers plenty of choice for fans and virtual racers – not just when it comes to circuits. While the most popular form of racing in the world uses open wheel cars in Formula 1, GT and Touring Car racing also enjoy large followings...
  19. robertkubicafan2

    AJ Allmendinger NASCAR Xfinity Wins Carset | EuroNASCAR Nashville Update

    The biggest set I've done so far is here, and it's a set of every Xfinity win for my favourite driver AJ Allmendinger. There's 14 skins total, each made as close to the real schemes ran as I could make them. There's some limitations that come with using the EuroNASCAR body as it's not the same...
  20. Historic Sim Studios LLC

    2023 North Wilkesboro Speedway 1.01

    The Historic Sim Studios team is proud to present the 2023 North Wilkesboro Speedway racetrack for Assetto Corsa! This weekend NASCAR will return to this legendary venue for the first time in over 25 years. We are currently working on 1994, 1972, and 1954 (dirt) versions of this iconic track...