iRacing 2023 Season 2 Update Released

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After weeks of teasing and announcements, iRacing has released its Season 2 update for 2023. Bringing cars, features and a new track, here's everything to sink your money into this week.

Just three months after the release of the first 2023 iRacing season, the development team has now brought out its latest major update. Like every quarterly update in iRacing, Season 2 brings enough new content to bankrupt the common simracer along with some great new features.

That being said, Season 1 releasing in December brought a grand total of three cars and two and a half tracks. In comparison, Season 2 seems somewhat on the light side with just one new circuit, a free car and two paid-for vehicles. With plenty of hopes and dreams surrounding upcoming content and features, could this smaller update show signs of a revolutionary Season 3 drop this summer?

New Cars joining iRacing in Season 2​

In total, three cars join the iRacing service in Season 2, one of which every iRacer has access to for free. The Formula Ford, or Ray FF 1600, is a small, wingless single seater powered by a small four-pot engine. Famous especially in the UK, this little racer should make for great racing given the lack of aero and the H-pattern manual gearbox. Low on power and with a keen nose for slipstreaming, pack racing in this cute racer will get hearts pumping.

One addition that is sure to be popular is the Renault Clio Cup car. An entry level touring car, this model will compete in the Production Car Challenge alongside the Mazda, Toyota GR 86 and Mustang FR500. With another four-cylinder engine, this car's front-wheel bare the brunt of 180hp.

Finally, iRacing has updated its Late Model Stock Car this season. This 400hp oval racer completes the line-up of grassroots racing cars joining the sim this week. The season-long series using this model will certainly focus on short ovals as racers get to grips with the art of turning left.

Jerez: The only track in the update​

Circuito de Jerez is a Spanish circuit best known for hosting Formula 1 Grand Prix in the 1990s. However, it has since seen many different motorbike championships compete on its intricate and technical layout.

A lesser-known venue to more recent motorsport fans, Jerez has a brilliant mix of high-speed curves, long straights and slower corners. This great variety of sections makes for a great test for both man and machine all while providing good passing opportunities. It should fit well with most cars on iRacing.

Headlining features of the Season 2 drop​

Perhaps low on content, the Season 2 update for 2023 brings several quality of life improvements to the game and its UI. The most noticeable to users of the new launcher will be a refreshed look to the program. Softer colours and a more stylised font go a small way to making the game look better.

A new feature many may be unsure about however is the Auto Fueling system. In the past, longer races required drivers to manually calculate the fuel they needed to get to the end. However, this new feature will automatically calculate how much fuel is required at a pitstop taking away the engineering aspect to longer races. Users simply input the level of risk they are willing to live by and the game gives you the fuel you need. Those that enjoyed calculating a race to the very last drop may resent this new feature. But the majority of racers will be relieved at the stress being lifted.

Each of the new cars added in the update can now be driven by the AI and several new track layouts have also been added to the options. The iRacing AI, which some consider the best in the business, now has many possibilities for car-track combinations.

Finally, oval racers will rejoice a tweak to how penalties are dealt for jump starts in restart zones. Now all we need is a similar addition to the road racing side of the service to prevent cars going half a lap before the start line.

What is your favourite part of the Season 2 update for iRacing? Let us know in the comments below.
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I gave the Ray FF 1600 a go around Nords last night, excellent car and tons of fun with some AI.
Handles nice with great feedback and actually sounds good.

Was hoping the Clio would be added to the base content....but it's not.
I'll pass on it for now, if it's still popular next season, I might give it a go......but by that time the weather should be warming up and Ill have little time to maybe the fall
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I tried the RayFF1600 and they have done a really nice job on the car.It feels light & very realistic.
I think Iracing have also updated the graphics which seemed a lot brighter & realistic around Oulton Park.
The AI cars & circuits are filling out nicely and if you use the car sets from trading paints there is some very realistic racing available.I find the AI racing is more realistic than the multiplayer which is often more chaotic,takes longer to have a race and is often more spread out than a real life MX5 or GT4 race.
To be honest, the RayFF1600 sounds like a great car for online racing. Maybe even tempting enough for me to finally treat myself to an Iracing subscription.
About the refueling thing, do you really think that hard core endurancers (myself included...) are going to thrust our fates to this thing over our beloved spreadsheets
after 23h55 minutes of effort? No way...
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About the refueling thing, do you really think that hard core endurancers (myself included...) are going to thrust our fates to this thing over our beloved spreadsheets
after 23h55 minutes of effort? No way...
Probably not, the strategy and team aspect is fun in a team environment with the voice comms. Nice little quality of life improvement though and probably a slam dunk to port over from the AI logic. Good for anyone not running CrewChief, JRT, SimHub, etc.. I'm sure there are dozens of them hehe.
compared my times in the Skip Barber and the new Formula Ford car, and indeed the new car is 3 secs faster per lap at Summit Point. At that speed, it will spell the end for the Skip Barber as it is base content. After ten years and probably more than 30odd seasons, I might skip the Skip.
I normally drive the F1 cars (W12/W13) so I'm addicted to high speed and downforce, but I'm very much liking the FF1600; sounds great and handles beautifully, plus I don't know if they've improved or trying something new with netcode, but the several races I had with it saw extremely close racing with no weird netcode bubble issues...I'm quite amazed actually.

In fact, I watched two drivers from the AU/NZ region, driving on a Boston server, drive so close that 1 driver's front wheel was just about grazing the other's sidepod for about 2 seconds with no issues (i.e. it was between other driver's front and rear wheels). Several races I've been millimeters from the other driver's tyre going through long corners at Jerez and Brands Hatch with no issues. Last time I experienced collision detection this great was offline racing on other sims.

Gonna try out the Clio, which I'll buy for free with the free participation credits I got for racing for most of last season (not trying to start anything, but it's something that hardly anyone talks about when they get on a $$$ diatribe about iRacing).
ah hahahahahaha
oh wait, you're serious. let me laugh even harder!
Actually, although I very often criticise iRacing, I find the AI races pretty good tbh for a bit of a practice session before a race.

Sadly for me, as I was about to ditch iRacing, the new formula car is my ideal combination of the Vee and the Skippy, with the bonus of the D license being on much more interesting tracks than the V with a better race length for me. Think I'll have to give it one more season...still prefer RF2 in general but iRacing really does do those lower powered open wheelers very well. The touring cars suck however, I'd choose the RF2 BTCC ones over them every day of the week. Thankfully, I am able to play both games, equally poorly.
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guess i won't be coming back to iracing as long as they dont give me access to AI-racing without the need of an active subscription. if this means that my 300€ are parked there for eternity, then so be it.
Wow the tress and bushes are just as ugly as 10 years ago, they were already looking ugly and dated back than. While many times half your screen is full of vegetation taking the graphic experience and immersion down by a lot.
But cool track to have on the collection.
guess i won't be coming back to iracing as long as they dont give me access to AI-racing without the need of an active subscription.
iRacing is a business.
And have probably invested hours/money to create an AI that as I hear it is the best in business.
Best until some proper Intelligent bots like Sophy have been raised out of its childhood deseases ;)

CatsAreTheWorstDogs: Im not a member of iRacing (anymore) because of their goofy tire model. But Im not a hater of this 24/7 sim.:)

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