Automobilista 2 | The Ultimate Formula 1 Season Guide (Updated)

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When it comes to retro content in sim racing, it is hard to ignore Automobilista 2 – the selection is overwhelming, especially for Formula 1 fans. The sim currently offers no less than 15 Formula 1 seasons, spanning six decades – but which exact years are represented is only undoubtedly made clear in very few cases. To give you a better overview of the historic F1 content, we have assembled a guide to the different classes for you and also refreshed things to reflect the state of v1.4.8 released in June 2023.

No less than 42 cars from six decades – the amount of choice is a sight to behold and cannot be found anywhere else, except with mods. The best part: Most of the F1 cars in Automobilista 2 are free and already in the sim, all classes can be enjoyed without additional DLC.

After the update to the first version of this guide in May 2023, the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya has been added to AMS2, expanding the potential calendars of several seasons. Additionally, we have also added an "Accurate Locations" section to most seasons, meaning you will be able to see tracks that have hosted an F1 event that year, but used a different layout.

The differences to what would have been run back in the day have also been added to the guide - a nice bonus for everyone who is interested in how circuits have changed over the years or wants to know why they are not listed in the "Accurate Tracks" section.

RaceDepartment would like to use this article to call all Automobilista 2 modders: To avoid confusion while in game, changing the names of the classes to include their respective seasons would be an enormous help for a lot of sim racers – if it is even possible. Feel free to use this guide as a base if you want to make life easier for them!

What would you like to see?​

What other F1 seasons would you want to see represented in Automobilista 2? What are your favorites that are already in the sim? Let us know on Twitter at @RaceDepartment or in the comments below. Please also post about what elements you would like to see added to this guide in the future. Happy racing!

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Heel & Toe Gang 4 life :D


Thank you for this overview of AMS2´s Formula car portfolio - multo appreciated.:)
Maybe I should try some of the older one again.
Because half a year back I couldnt get out of some of the really old ones soon enough
- because they did behave completely awfull.
Personally I can recommend the F-Reiza and the 2x F-Ultimates.:inlove:

But I have to disagree that the F-Classics should include some kind of reborn Lotus 98T.
None of these cars does behave like this great car in as example rF2 and specially like the 98T in AC.
Reizas is a meh meh version compared to these 2 other sim incarnations of the 98T.

Now if only the open wheeler AI could run a full race without ramming you in weird spots...
Interesting....I've done tons of ai sessions lately in tin tops and can't say I've even received a slight tap from them.

My biggest gripe, was that they had an imaginary bubble around them that fills them with fear whenever a human got near them, causing them to breakdown, give up and run away lol

Ai strength 110
Aggression 100

Do you have any footage you can upload?
Thank you, great article. I've skimmed through the Open Wheeler content a few times and been thoroughly confused as to what its all meant to represent.

The ideal would be a custom launcher that brings all the open wheel content and applicable tracks to the forefront and lines it all up for easy access.

Guess I better go see if there are skin packs for the generic car sets.....
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