Assetto Corsa Competizione v1.8 Update – Graphics and User Interface

Kunos has implemented DLSS and FSR support in the new build of Assetto Corsa Competizione, which will improve the visual experience for those who were previously limited by their graphical hardware.

One of the few critiques that has lasted nagged ACC since release is the resource-heavy video performance. With the new version 1.8 update Kunos has put forth DLSS and FSR support, which should significantly mitigate the amount of GPU resources needed for both NVIDIA and AMD users.

For those not aware, DLSS (NVIDIA’s Deep Learning Super Sampling) and FSR (AMD’s FidelityFX Super Resolution) are processes used by the two major PC video card manufacturers to increase frame rates without overtaxing the card. Kunos has offered various presets in ACC, which each find a different balance of visual quality and frame rate. This will affect both monitor users and VR users. See the changelog below for more details.

The User Interface in ACC hasn’t been significantly updated, but there are now options to select the 2021 European Championship or the Open class. Another interesting update is the improved CinemaHUD. The new version 4.26.2 of the Unreal Engine provides visuals that are even more impressive than previous builds, and the improved CinemaHUD should lend itself to some brilliant screen shots.

Check out the full changelog below for everything that’s been updated relating to the graphics and user interface.

  • Added Nvidia Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS) 2.0 support for compatible GPUs (RTX 20XX series or newer). Please check manufacturer GPU driver requirements.
  • Added AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution (FSR) support for all GPUs. Please check manufacturer GPU driver requirements.
NOTE: both DLSS and FSR are selectable and functional in Triple Screen and VR rendering modes.
NOTE: DLSS is a temporal sampling method with a proprietary antialiasing solution, while FSR is a spatial upscaling method that can be used in combination with other Temporal AA solutions.
NOTE: DLSS implementation includes a custom DLSS dll version by Nvidia, manually updating to generic version releases might result in regression of image quality.
  • Added Temporal Antialising Gen5 option support. Offers improved aliasing and clarity at a moderate performance cost. Optional over the existing TAAgen4 and KTAA implementations.
NOTE: only functional with Temporal anti-aliasing mode selected.
NOTE: FSR is incompatible with the Projection Correction view setting feature.
NOTE: it is STRONGLY suggested to remove other open-source or third-party implementations of any of the features above (such as via OpenVR etc.)!
NOTE: due to the large number of changes in rendering, it is STRONGLY suggested that custom engine.ini or third-party shader modifications be removed for this update!
  • Added the new rendering mode settings to save with Video Settings presets.
  • Fixed a limitation with Triple Screen rendering that did not allow Temporal Upsampling to be used in combination with it.
  • Updated global lighting and exposure on all tracks to follow Unreal Engine version changes.
  • Updated visual tonemapper presets to follow Unreal Engine version changes.
NOTE: the updated tonemapper settings might produce slightly more saturation and contrast than in earlier versions, adjust per taste.
  • Revision of various track-related shaders to follow Unreal Engine version rendering changes.
  • Revision of various car-related shaders to follow Unreal Engine version rendering changes.
  • Skybox revision to suit Unreal Engine version rendering changes.
  • Optimized light emitters at Nurburgring for improved performance.
  • Reduced bezel gap artefacting appearing along the bezel lines in Triple Screen rendering mode.
  • Reduced SSAO and SSR artefacting around the bezel line in Triple Screen rendering mode.
  • Updated TV, cinematic and free cameras to use the new Unreal Engine cameras with improved DOF effects.
NOTE: this is a global change, old cameras are deprecated.
  • Updated CinemaHUD to use the new and improved DOF effects.
  • Improved blurred wheel rim shader.
  • Improved car spray effect, especially in light/medium wetness situations.
  • Improved raindrop effect rendering logic to follow the updated spray effect.
  • Improved rainfall shader appearance in external cameras.
  • Car headlight shadow bias tweaks to prevent lights penetrating walls on close distance.
  • Updated track HLODs.
  • Added rotary switch animations, available with select cars.
  • Revised season selector header in Single Player menu.
  • Added GTWCHEU 2021 season selection in Single Player.
  • Added Open series selection in Single Player.
  • Revised car selection page, added filtering per series lists.
Applies to both Open series and Multiplayer car selection page.
  • Revised CinemaHUD interface and integration with DOF controls.
NOTE: DOF mode defaults to disabled when Free (F7) camera is toggled.
  • CinemaHUD now toggles off when switching to non-free/F7 camera.
  • CinemaHUD now hides automatically when entering garage page or exiting replay.
  • Added coloured session labels in Replay menu.
  • Added option to constrain the aspect ratio of TV cameras in wide or triple screen rendering modes to 16:9 (the centre of the screen) - find in General Options.
  • Added session fastest (purple) lap holder indicator in standings, leaderboard and timer widgets.
  • Updated MFD pit strategy (auto)selection logic:
Instead of automatic strategy increment after each stop, the strategy selection now does not change automatically but rather autoselects the next clean tyre set on the last active strategy.
When all tyre sets are used, the selection goes to the least used set. Manual selection override is still possible via the MFD. With this there is no longer need to preselect pitstop tyresets on the setup strategy page.
  • Added pitstop indicator and session fastest lap on the leaderboard HUD overlay.
  • Finer step increments for certain Video settings (exposure gain, image contrast, saturation).
  • Showroom: ESC/back restores UI opacity when UI hidden by middle click instead of directly exiting.
  • Showroom: added stance/camber to showroom cars and potential fix to precision error leading to inconsistent wheelbase when losing/regaining application focus.
  • Statistics page: added option to clear personal best laptimes for a given car/track combination.
WARNING: this operation is permanent and cannot be undone.
  • Revised car groups, merging the CUP and ST groups into a single GTC group for matchmaking and server filtering.
Note that CUP and ST remain represented as separate subgroups on the track map, leaderboards and results.
  • Stats: revised and merged grouping of statistics per race track.
Note that tracks are only separated per season where an older season might produce faster laptimes due to higher track grip (such as the fresh asphalt on Silverstone 2018).
  • Stats: fixed an issue that had a tendency to generate unrealistic personal best laptimes.
Note that pre-1.8 incorrect PB laps can be cleared manually on the Statistics track breakdown page.
WARNING: this operation is permanent and cannot be undone.
  • Multiplayer track seasons are now deprecated and all track configurations point to the Open series (currently matching the latest, 2021 season, see Physics notes).
Note for admins: the old season suffixes in the server configuration will remain there for legacy functionality, but they will no longer create a difference in track/BOP version!
Server track configuration (event.json) should use the non-suffix version in continuation, e.g. "misano" instead of "misano_20XX".
Note for users: no matter the server config, Multiplayer will always use the latest Open series configuration from Single Player.
  • Further revised final corner penalty thresholds with the widget formation type when the back of the field is likely to receive the green light inside or coming out of the final turn.
  • Ratings: fixed an issue that could erroneously produce 100 (or 00) CC rating at Spa.
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