Tunturun Circuit v1.0f

Fictional circuit built using Race Track Builder

  1. Kim Mica
    This is my first track ever and it's not perfect, but I did get a lot of positive feedback from beta testers. I hope you will like it!

    It's a fictional circuit I inititally drew in Paint.NET, but was able to turn into a fully functional 3D circuit using Race Track Builder.

    As can be seen in the final included image, the track features 52 pit boxes and has 9 different layouts, one of which is a free roam layout without any track blocked off. It is 5.1km long in its longest (GP) layout.

    This version does *not* come with AI lines. I tried to create AI lines, but the AI has some serious issues on this track that I cannot realistically solve.

    Unpack the .7z file using 7-Zip or similar and put the "mica_tunturun_circuit" folder in your ...\SteamApps\common\assettocorsa\content\tracks\ folder.

    Known issues:
    - Bumps on track joins (most notably on the 1966 layouts). (If anyone knows how to fix these in RTB without crashing the program, please do let me know!)
    - Some testers have reported a temporary game freeze on the GP variant, on the section of road that the International layout omits. (Again, if anyone knows how to fix this, please let me know!)
    - The track is fairly hardware intensive. I'll make sure to optimize my next track better, but I can't improve it for this one anymore at this stage


    P.S.: Please let me know what I could do better for my next track :) acs_2017-04-16_20-51-29.jpg acs_2017-04-16_20-50-22.jpg acs_2017-04-16_20-50-02.jpg acs_2017-04-16_20-49-19.jpg acs_2017-04-16_20-48-46.jpg acs_2017-04-16_20-47-59.jpg Content Manager_2017-04-16_20-42-12.png

Recent Reviews

  1. MustangSVT
    Version: v1.0f
    Great fun track, can't wait to see more of it!
  2. noxxfaxx
    Version: v1.0f
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