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Team Fina Bastos BMW - 1997 Spa 24H Winners for PM3DM BMW 320i (3K)

Team Fina Bastos BMW - 1997 Spa 24H Winners for PM3DM BMW 320i (3K) 1.0 + 2K

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For the awesome PM3DM BMW 320i E36 I have created two additional Fina Bastos BMW skins.
These represent the winning and its sister car from 1997 Spa 24 Hours race.



#1 was driven by Didier de Radigues, Marc Duez and Eric Hélary who drove the car also in Belgian Pro Car Championship. They finished 24 Hours race first. This was the third major endurance race victory for this chassis, as it has also claimed victories at 24H Nordschleife in 1995 and 24H Spa in 1996.


#2 was driven by veterans Johnny Cecotto, Nelson Piquet, and Joachim Winkelhock and finished second.

It will complement the 1996 Fina Bastos skins from Belgian Procar championship, that come with the mod.

Drop two skin folders in the following folder:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\assettocorsa\content\cars\pm3dm_bmw_320i_stw\skins
C: is your drive, where you have installed Assetto Corsa and it might vary (for example D:, F: etc.)

Known issues, based on current limitations:
- Missing red stripes on rear side windows.
- Right side of rear windows has wrong flag of drivers position.
- Cricket and Co logo at the front fenders slightly bent.
- Shape of red and blue vynils on the hood might not be accurate as I have not found relevant reference photo.

Original mod, that the skin is for:

Paint template:

How it looks in the game - unedited:

Latest updates

  1. Added 2K variant

    I have added also 2K variant of the skin to the original 3K variant :) Be sure to re-download...

Latest reviews

I love the Fina Bastos skins! Nice to see somebody made one for this car.
Just simply one word I can say: YESSSSS!!!!!!!
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