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Stunt Car Racer - SimHub Overlay 1.0.1

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This SimHub Overlay is a fun tribute to the amazing 1989 Stunt Car Racer.

Big thanks to ptitSeb who made a very nice remake of Stunt Car Racer and shared me the graphics.

It "works" with iRacing and AC. Results will vary...
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  1. Update Link

    Resources and updates available here...
  2. Wheels motion capped

    - Capped the wheels range of motion for Assetto Corsa - Made a video on the proper track :)

Latest reviews

Very cool! Thanks! :-)
This.... this... THIS IS AMAZING!
It's gimmicky and not very useful, sure, but how cool is this?

I'm having flashbacks!
Before starting the video I thought: "It'll never have the moving suspension" and then it turned out IT DID! Very cool!