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Shifts and DRS Beeps - SimHub 2.0.0

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This plugin adds sounds to SimHub

Thanks to Wotever, Meekstaaa, djd4ws0n and all the people helping and sharing on the SimHub discord!

Have fun!
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Latest updates

  1. Update Link

    Resources and updates available here...
  2. 1.2 – No more beeping in top gear + More sounds + Experimental pit speed alert

    - Disabled upshift beeps when in top gear. Thanks to djd4ws0n from the SimHub discord for JS...
  3. 1.11 - Whoops - Wrong file

    - Uploaded the wrong file in the last update. Sorry about that!
  4. 1.1 - DRS Beeps + Fine tuning

    - Added the following DRS detection triggers: · DRS is available next zone – Detection zone...

Latest reviews

amazing script, thank you so much!
How do i get it to play? do i need a dash on? i cant seem to get it to play the beep
Hi. This doesn't require a dash to be running. You need to copy the files and map the SimHub events as described on the overview page.
Hello I am a bit confused I tried finding sim hub but can't find it and i'm just really confused if someone can dumb down everything and explain how to install everything that be nice as I have no idea what I'm doing.
Hi. SimHub is available here :
Just what i needed for DRS zones. Thank you.
Does exactly what In needed. Came essential at a race where there were no DRS markers on the track. A great little app. Many thanks!
Is there an option to replace or use different sounds for "shifting up"? I would love to replace it with the dinging noises that The AE86 From Initial D uses!
Hi! Thanks for the review. You should be able to use any mp3 file you want as a shift sound. Just place it into your simhub/sounds folder. Restart simhub, and it should appear in the target list (in the event mapping screen)
Wow I actually didn't expect that you would include my request thanks a lot! I used a different sound from a different mod for DRS available & deployed.
The range of volume and pitch works fine for me. I'm old so lower pitch sounds are best, and I think the 600hz beep at -6db works great. Nice job, mate.
Good idea, still bad implementation.
All sounds are way to loud - no volume changes, all sounds at the same pitch, dbs - i'm afraid would be enough only one Beep per changes .
Need to improve, and it will be a good app ;)
Hi! Thanks for the feedback. Yet I'm a bit confused by it. I included 45 mp3 files; 5 different tones (600, 1300, 2000, 2700 and 3400hz), each in 9 different audio level (0,-3,-6,-9,-12,-15,-18,-21,-24 dB). Once they are correctly placed in the “C:\Program Files (x86)\SimHub\Sounds” folder, they should all appear in the event target list (after restarting Simhub).