1. RFocnnn

    SimHub ACC Simple Hud Overlay 2020-02-28

    ACC専用のシンプルなHUDオーバーレイです。 A simple HUD overlay dedicated to ACC. SimHubが必要になります。 SimHub is required. https://www.simhubdash.com/ Car settings>Car settings overrides> Red lineの回転数をACC純正のメーターが点滅するタイミングに合わせて入力してください。 各車別々に調整する必要があります。 Car settings> Car settings overrides> Enter the rotation...
  2. romainrob

    SimHUD Projection 1.0

    SimHUD Projection Hi, here is a SimHub Dash Studio Overlay. It can be used with any car as the max RPM and red line will auto adjust to the current car. I made it primarily for iRacing so result may vary with other games. I hope you’ll enjoy it. For instructions on installing and using the...
  3. romainrob

    480 Dash for iRacing - SimHub 1.01

    480 DASH FOR IRACING Hi, here is a SimHub Dash Studio dashboard for iRacing. It can be used with any car. It is small with a 480x272 resolution. It was made with phone, onscreen overlay, USBD480 screens and physical LEDs users in mind. Please read the documentation on how to set it up. It...
  4. romainrob

    Inputs Display - SimHub overlay 1.1

    Hi! This inputs display replicates the look of the iRacing input gauges. It displays traces to help you monitor your inputs. It comes in 2 sizes; 300x64 and 480x64. It requires SimHub. Go get it! You can pick a wheel image from a selection of Thrustmaster, Logitech and Fanatec wheels...
  5. romainrob

    Stunt Car Racer - SimHub Overlay 1.01

    This SimHub Overlay is a fun tribute to the amazing 1989 Stunt Car Racer. Big thanks to ptitSeb who made a very nice remake of Stunt Car Racer and shared me the graphics. It "works" with iRacing and AC. Results will vary...
  6. Schmuckiiii

    Personal Overlay F1 Style for SimHub - GBJ 4.0

    Hi! This is an Overlay for the SimHub I've been working on for the last few days, and now it's ready! It shows Sector Information, Delta, Quick Laps, Position, DRS, RPM, and Speed. If You Liked This Resource, Please Rate It in 5 Stars! Overlay is Available in 4 Languages! Portugues-Brasileiro...
  7. RFocnnn

    H pattern gear indicator - Simhub overlay 2019-06-29

    なんだか昔懐かしいHパターンシフトのインジケーターです。 It's a long time nostalgic H pattern gear indicator. SimHubが必要になります。 SimHub is required https://www.simhubdash.com/
  8. Vanterkraft

    Gran turismo sport overlay for simhub (HUD) 0.8

    I made overlay (HUD) for simHUB. Works in all games that can work with simHUB This video is outdated Last update: I reworked: - Wheel angle gauge - RPM gauge - Turbo gauge - Fuel gauge - Fonts replaced by similar GTS font - Yumi - png background Fixed: -Wheel angle gauge bug In the future: -...
  9. Scarystuff

    Apps Request for an app that shows who speaks on Discord

    Discord have a really nice overlay that shows you who is speaking in voice chat, but of course that overlay only works with flat screens, not in VR. So I think a simple app that fetches the profile pic from discord api and shows who is speaking in a small app window would be immensely useful...
  10. romainrob

    Bobble Head Dog - “G-Meter” - SimHub Overlay 2019-04-04

    Both tasteful and useful, this is the original analog G-Meter. FEATURES The head moves up, the head moves down, the head moves to the sides and it makes you smile. COMPATIBILITY This SimHub Overlay is compatible with the following games: American Truck Simulator Assetto Corsa Assetto...
  11. romainrob

    iRadar - iRacing Proximity Indicator - SimHub Overlay 2019-04-02

    Hi, here is a SimHub overlay for iRacing. It displays proximity indicators for the closest car (2 cars in some situations). There are 2 versions to choose from: The “Dots” version The “Lights” version Features - Blue indicators moving outward as the car behind gets closer. From 15m to 0m...
  12. Stefan Roess

    KML file - how to move position in Bob`s Track Builder (Deutschlandring 1939)

    Hello, I am asking on behalf of a friend who is working on the Deutschlandring 1939 for GT Legends in Bob`s Track Builder (BTB). Preview video: I have helped him to create a KML file with altitudes. He can import it to BTB. But the KML track is way above the level of the track he has already...
  13. General_Failure

    Smart Rearview Mirror 1.1

    Smart Rearview Mirror v1.1 This app adds a realistic frame to the vanilla virtual mirror. ONLY FULL HD (1920x1080) support for now. Preview OFF/ON How to Install 1. Extract/unzip the file to your Assetto Corsa directory. 2. Now start Assetto Corsa and enable the app in the...
  14. A

    SimHub ARG TV Overlay 0.1

    Overlays de la TV Argentina, por ahora solo funciona para AC con el mod del TC. Se iran mejorando los dashboard dado que por el momento presenta varios bugs.
  15. Kjell81d

    Formula 2 Theme for ACTV 1.0

    It's not perfect. It's missing a few elements I haven't been able to add.
  16. Kjell81d

    2018 F1 Overlay 3.1.1

  17. Shawn Jacobs

    SimHub VR Dashboard 1.0

    Hi All So with the introduction of Oculus beta 2.0 you can now pin windows into VR. This to me is a massive step and exactly what RF2 vr needed. I've put together a quick video demoing setting it up, it's pretty late at night here so production value is pretty shite :) but you get the idea...
  18. F

    rF2 Dx11 Iracing Hud - SImhub 1.2

    Made a better replica of Iracing hud, which i like very much. To use it, you have to manually start every widget in simhub and position how you want, then make it transparent. It's actually optimized for rF2, but could try in the future to make it for other sims also. The top right corner widget...
  19. FinesseSteez

    rFactor 2 Hud - SimHub 2.1

    To install, extract into the appropriate folder which is usually: C:\Program Files (x86)\SimHub. The 'Next Screen' and Previous Screen' actions can be mapped to switch between screens on the 'FullDash' widget, showing more information that is available. For SimHub, SimHub creations, along with...
  20. Scarystuff

    [Mod request] App for VR to emulate Discord overlay

    Is it possible to make an app that shows the same info as the Discord overlay does in flatscreen games, but as a normal app ingame so people using VR can also see who is in the same voice channel and who is speaking? And if someone could maybe hack something like that together, I would be very...