1. X

    XIV - Automatic setup mask 1.1.0

    What is it ? This is a simhub overlay intended for streaming software (OBS studio / Streamlabs) that activates automatically a mask that hides the setup when you're editing it. No more need for manual mask management and no more driving with forgotten activated mask. Change your visual Be...
  2. L

    VR-Dashboard Simhub VR Dasch 1.2

    Because i use a lot VR, I made a VR dashboard. So now i can see all important info when i'm on track. Up to 6 screens, main, tyre, quali, session, timing1 and timing2. timing1: driver 1 - 15 timing2: driver 16 - 30
  3. X

    XIV - Tyre pressure 1.0

    What is it ? It's a simhub overlay that displays the PSI cold to introduce in setup page, in order to reach ideal 27.5 psi hot on GT3s. It takes in consideration temperatures to define average tyre pressure at cold. It's up to yourself to adapt the asymetrism of the track (some tyre are more...
  4. X

    XIV - Ambient 1.1.1

    Important ! Last ACC patch removed surface grip from memory, at the moment that property doesn't work, a fix is yet to come soon. What is it ? It's a simhub overlay that displays track and ambient conditions, including some data that is not available in ACC hud : How to install ? Double...
  5. X

    XIV - Assistant 1.0

    What is it ? It's a Simhub overlay that assists you in realtime during a race. It provides usefull information about the race progression and helps you to define your pit strategy. The most important thing to know ! If you watch the timeline and see orange + red marker, that means you can't...
  6. slemke

    ACC Modular HUD Components 00.8

    Modular items so you can have a more personalized ACC HUD. In my case, I like to see the in-car Dash and the default tachometer is to bright and calls to much attention to the eye. Some items I did not extract as they are quite visible in the Dash, like ABS and TC, some cars don't show Brake...
  7. G4ndY

    SimHub overlay Bonanza! 1

    Fully modular overlays, everything can be moved and resized/placed where you like it. Import the .simhubdash files with SimHub and extract the imageLibrary folder into your SimHub install folder. If you want to tweak the redlinerpm lights open simhub and go to Car settings and change the...
  8. prunn

    ACTV Competizione

    Inspired by ACC, ACTV Competizione for Assetto Corsa ___________________________________________________________________________ Documentation Team logo -apps/python/actv_competizione/logos/{car_folder}_{skin_folder}.png -content/cars/{car_folder}/skins/{skin_folder}/logo.png Brand logo...
  9. G4ndY

    TC, ABS, LIGHT overlay 1

    Both dash and overlay included
  10. Z

    rFactor 2 broadcast overlay not showing anything ingame

    Hey all, I can't get the built in broadcast overlay running in rFactor 2. (https://docs.studio-397.com/users-guide/broadcast-overlays) The control panel works, I can change cameras, the session info is there, but ingame no overlay is appearing. Did anyone have the same problem? Should I enable...
  11. josap11

    Endurance Overlay 0.10

    This set of overlays was created to be used with endurance racing but can be used for anything you like. I hope you enjoy the results of this work and am happy to hear your feedback. This is my first SimHUB release and I know there will be some errors and things that do not work optimally...
  12. Propanator

    [SimHub] Colin McRae Rally 2.0 inspired rev gauge 1.0.2

    The rev gauge is heavily inspired by the one appearing in the classic Codemasters game Colin McRae Rally 2.0. This isn't meant to be a 1:1 replica of the thing. You need SimHub to use it. The dash is quite small but it scales very nicely. Meant for on screen overlay use. Hope you like it!
  13. Havner

    Sidekick SimHub edition 0.6.1

    0. Acknowledgments This overlay is a direct re-implementation of Sidekick for Assetto Corsa by Topuz. The whole idea, design, assets and original implementation is by him. His plugin is available here: https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/sidekick.11007/ Go there and buy him a beer! 1...
  14. romainrob

    SimHub Rev lights 1.1.0

    SIMHUB - REV LIGHTS Hi! This is a SimHub overlay. It will work with many SimHub supported games. It comes in 2 versions. Left to right and outside to center: You can adjust the shift point in the SimHub "Car settings" screen, as a general setting or per car: Enjoy!
  15. romainrob

    AC Cobra – SimHub Dashboard 1.0.2

    AC Cobra – SimHub Dashboard Hi. Here is a SimHub dashboard inspired from the AC Cobra. It can be used as an on screen overlay... Or on an android device. Enjoy!
  16. B

    F1 2019 Halo Overlay 1.23

    My DIY from scratch variation of F1 TV halo overlay for F1 2019 game. In short, features list: - automatic position adjustment for playing / spectating for all modern cars - text live deltas to drivers in front / behind, text and visual live deltas to personal best and for VSC - animated yellow...
  17. RFocnnn

    SimHub ACC Simple Hud Overlay 2020-11-22

    ↑最新バージョン newest version ACC専用のシンプルなHUDオーバーレイです。 A simple HUD overlay dedicated to ACC. SimHubが必要になります。 SimHub is required. https://www.simhubdash.com/ Car settings>Car settings overrides> Red lineの回転数をACC純正のメーターが点滅するタイミングに合わせて入力してください。 各車別々に調整する必要があります。 Car settings> Car settings...
  18. romainrob

    SimHUD Projection 1.3.0

    SimHUD Projection Hi, here is a SimHub Dash Studio Overlay. It can be used with any car as the max RPM and red line will auto adjust to the current car. I made it primarily for iRacing so result may vary with other games. I hope you’ll enjoy it. For installation/configuration instructions...
  19. romainrob

    Input Display - SimHub overlay 2.0.0

    Hi! This requires SimHub. Go get it! https://www.simhubdash.com/ It comes with 2 layouts, modular and analog: You can pick a wheel image from a selection of Thrustmaster, Logitech and Fanatec wheels :   For installation/configuration instructions, please refer the provided Read Me PDF...
  20. romainrob

    Stunt Car Racer - SimHub Overlay 1.0.1

    This SimHub Overlay is a fun tribute to the amazing 1989 Stunt Car Racer. Big thanks to ptitSeb who made a very nice remake of Stunt Car Racer and shared me the graphics. It "works" with iRacing and AC. Results will vary...