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Snetterton 2011 1.5

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This 3D-track was made by lasercutter for rFactor 2. It was converted and enhanced to Assetto Corsa by Rainmaker


working AI for AC v1.2
19 pit boxes with working pit lane
bonus layout Snetterton 200
sound reverb at s/f line (optional)
replay cameras
TV Replay Camera's by Norbs
track map
hot lapping support
time attack mode support
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Latest reviews

I would love to have the better version too!
Great track. I love the second to last long right hand corner into the tight left and onto the start/finish straight! Thanks for all your hard work.
Look forward to the "miles better version" :)
Shaun Clarke
Unfortunatly I cannot release it on here, but you are more than welcome to PM me
Another fantastic mod from you Mr Clarke, than ks so much!
Shaun Clarke
I didn't do this, but PM me, I have a miles better version, and I mean by miles
thank you
very nice!!
Thank you very much.
Leonardo Ratafiá
i've seen v1.51 some where with these changes:
-grid raised to 22 cars
-several shader changes
will it be updated here as well?
What a wonderful track, thanks for the conversion, much appreciated !
This track is to clean and too poor around. It needs to be more detailled compare to other mods/tracks.
Shaun Clarke
This was converted from Lasercutter's 2011 version, and yes I agree, but that's how it was in 2011. It's not now, I know, so I am looking in to getting this brought up to 2015 details.
Brilliant work, thank you!
Nice! Thanks
Great track with lots of low speed corners

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Shaun Clarke
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