Ginetta SuperCup 2017 1.7

The Ginetta Supercup 2017

  1. Shaun Clarke
    After months of information gathering as you will see, but we are pleased to share this with you. There have been so many changes, that I will only list a few below. We have also changed the name, so that people that enjoy the V8.2 can also run this version. I would just like to add, this is nothing like the original version.

    NB. The original version, not just my opinion drove on rails and this one doesn’t. You need to get to learn the handling. Please I cannot stress this enough.

    This version includes a LHD and RHD, and both can be used against each other at the same time in Single Player or Multi Player. With the older version being so popular, we didn’t want to scrap the LHD so we included both. Both tested with VR.

    Some of the Key Changes / Additions:
    • Total new cockpit/Wheel and realistic Dashboard, photo graphed from inside of the actual car.
    • New Tyres and Aero
    • Realistic Gearing and Final Drive – Information from Ginetta Team
    • ALL Liveries from the Ginetta Michelin Supercup 2017, all haven been draw to detail.
    • New Number Template – You can now add your number to the Windscreen.U
    • Updated Model to 2017 Specs.
    • You can use your liveries from previous Version
    Like I said, I could list everything but I will say we have left no stone upturned.

    A massive thank you to Ben Green from Century Motorsport for all the help, advice and testing he did for me.

    Now for the Thanks and Credits

    Updated Model – WACK
    Tyres, Aerodynamics and Advice – mclarenf1papa
    Physics – Shaun Clarke
    Sounds - Fonsecker
    Textures – After Midnight
    2017 Liveries – FedericoF and After Midnight
    LODS - Dreamer
    RPM Motec - Moringaou

    Additional Information
    Team Hard – Aaron Stroud
    DanKirbyRacing – Dan Kirby, Luke Taplin, Colin Fortnam, Craig Harper
    Livery Ref Pictures – All the Ginetta Teams
    Ben Green – Century Motorsport / BenGreenRacing.

    And a MASSIVE Thank You to all the testers
    Ben Green - Century Motorsport
    Andreas Knopke
    After Midnight
    Ross Mcfarlane
    Dominic Holmes
    Thomas Brown
    Josh Martin
    Dave Bell
    James Bell (8 yrs old)
    Andy Thilo
    John Brandow
    Jorge Cabritia (OnwheelsTV)

    I hope you all enjoy and have fun



Recent Reviews

  1. Knoxstar
    Version: 1.7
    As always, excellent work and many thanks
  2. Chooka
    Version: 1.7
    Great looking, handling, and sounding car mod.
  3. BlaringFiddle5
    Version: 1.7
    This is a great car!! Thanks! You've done it again!
  4. Eagle Racer
    Eagle Racer
    Version: 1.7
    Fantastic mod. Really captures the essence of Ginetta as a brand. Have you considered making a G40 Junior mod? If so, I could help test it. I have driven the Junior twice now and I really like the car,
    1. Shaun Clarke
      Author's Response
      HI There, thank you all for your serious kind words.

      @Eagle Racer yes I have already made the Ginetta G40 and I have had Ben Green (Ex Supercup Driver, BMW M4 GT Driver and also G40 Driving Instuctor) helping me.

      It's not out for public release yet, but is being used by Teams and will also appear at IZONE for driver training
  5. FrankN2O
    Version: 1.7
    The continuous evolution of this (and GT4) car is just brilliant.
    It seems so "alive". I think this, with the Leon TCR, the latest Ben O'Bro's Caterhams, are the most satisfying cars (mod) in AC.
    Thanks, and well done.
  6. General_Failure
    Version: 1.7
    Simply excellent, great mod!
  7. jujojija24
    Version: 1.6
    Excelent! Super fun little car.
  8. JohnRippert
    Version: 1.6
    Very nice but both cars start as right hand drive and I would love to run it left hand being in the US.
    1. Shaun Clarke
      Author's Response
      I am working on the fix for this. Should be out shortly.
  9. robnitro
    Version: 1.6
    Much better, now it matches the laptimes of the kunos gt4 cars. Before versions were way too slow and that confused me!
    1. Shaun Clarke
      Author's Response
      I am confused now, this has nothing to do with the GT4 versions, this is a series on its own

      You cannot compare this to the GT4 Porsche or Maserati if that is what you are saying :)
  10. themission2
    Version: 1.6
  11. dreamer al
    dreamer al
    Version: 1.6
    Thank you Shaun. Always appreciate your updates. Excellent, as always.
  12. William Crudup
    William Crudup
    Version: 1.6
    Very good car. Great work.
  13. ClaudioWRC74
    Version: 1.6
    GOOD JOB Shaun !!!
  14. jerry090460
    Version: 1.6
    Wow great update,thanks !
  15. Daniel Paez
    Daniel Paez
    Version: 1.6
    My favorite car!
  16. kondor999
    Version: V1,5
    Perfection as always from Shaun. Reminds me a little of my old supercharged 2002 Honda S2000 IRL. This feels like a real car to me.
  17. Juergen Lung
    Juergen Lung
    Version: V1,5
    Thank you very much
  18. somake
    Version: V1,5
    great job ! its really good to make championship with original liveries thanks appreciate...
  19. fl0wf1r3
    Version: V1,5
    again a great success this car. Only the sounds are a bit too low in my opinion. This are has as an unbelievable grip level. thx
  20. Kapy
    Version: V1,5
    Do not have templates to make a skin?

    Great mod!
    1. Shaun Clarke
      Author's Response
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