Ginetta G55 GT4 2017

Ginetta G55 GT4 2017 V1.3

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I present the Ginetta GT4 2017 version. This is not to be compared to the Supercup version.

The difference is as follows:

It is heavier,
Lower rear wing
50bhp more and more Torgue
Full GT lights, pits and racing
Hard Tyres Only

With help of @Ross Macfarlane I have tried to match BOP with the Porsche and Maserati as close as possible. In real life ( FIA or MSA) the BOP changes on every track for the Ginetta, so I did ask you all and you said what you wanted, so hopefully we have done that.

This is a new fresh install.

Credits to:
Textures After Midnight
Lods by Dreamer
Skins by their original owners
Testing by @Ross Macfarlane

Any issues please let me know in the support thread

Shaun Clarke
File size
163.2 MB
First release
Last update
4.79 star(s) 82 ratings

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Latest reviews

Solid mod, well done
I'm having fps issues with this car. tested both LHD and RHD but on my 2080Ti I can't pass 86fps when normally I go well above this with SOL and Natural ppfilter. I like the car but.. this fps issue idk what it is making this.
Shaun Clarke
Shaun Clarke
Sorry, but this is no longer updated on here, this version is really out of date
Oh my god, out of all cars I've driven in Assetto Corsa, this is the only one that's able to go FLAT OUT past Quiddelbacher-Höhe and Schwedenkreuz, what the hell.
Is a GT4 class race car supposed to be able to do that?
Shaun Clarke
Shaun Clarke
I have no idea, sorry, as I don't test Green Hell, but this is based on the British GT4 from the SRO
Driven in SRS and makes a ton of fun. Looks and sound are just awesome.
Esta perfecto
Driver feedback does not make a good mod.
Shaun Clarke
Shaun Clarke
Thank you for your review. Just to correct you on this, this was NOT IRL driver tested, as the team I was talking to, when I told them what I was trying to do (match Kunos cars) said to me, Good Luck, as the BOP changes at every race with the Ginetta.
Looks great, sounds great, feels great, drives great. Well done!
Great Car, lots of fun racing it. A big thanks for the mod
Thnx, a great mod!!!
Love This Car and the other Ginetta's. Probably one of the best mod cars out there.

Also Have you considered creating the Ginetta G58 Or The Ginetta Akula As i would really like to see these in the game.
Awesome work ...Thank you
This car just gave me my most pleasurable race in years. Kudos Mr. Clarke, your mod is a must have!
many thanks
juste parfaite!
excelent mod
This is simply the best car mod I've ever downloaded for AC. The handling and physics are perfect, the graphics are perfect, the sounds are perfect. As a GT4 lover, this is an invaluable addition to AC, especially as the BoP perfectly matches it against the other GT4 cars already available on the game. I'm having an absolute blast driving it and racing against the AI. Thank you so much for this car!
grreat sound and feebback on the wheel. great works
A must have for AC!
Credit where credit is due :)
Sold on your Ginettas. Have you thought of this one?
Shaun Clarke
Shaun Clarke
Thank you Sir, and yes already done :)