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SimHub Nextion 4.3 Dashboard Super Pack

SimHub Nextion 4.3 Dashboard Super Pack 1.2

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Absolute godsend brother! I really needed to make myself a P217 dash since I am using the car so much now, but you cut my work out for me, as well as your 488 and AMG dashes are much better than my GT3 ones I've made previously.
Thanks you so much!! Glad you like them! Enjoy!
Looks very cool.
I am trying to run the 488 GT Dashboard on iRacing. Everything seems to work fine bar the red line limiter. Here the values do not appear to reflect where the line is marked on the nextion. Any chance you could let me know how this was set?
Hi Leorrific, thanks for your review & response. From the Nextion Mapping Editor in Simhub. Under components, click rev bar and make sure you select all pages. Under visibility you see I hardcoded the value of 7200. This is a mistake I should have gone with the property [CarSettings_RedLineRPM]. (same under p0 (which shows the overboost bar) change 7200 to [CarSettings_RedLineRPM]

Now you can manually override MaxRPM in simhub to the correct value. You can do this in Simhub -> Car Settings -> Car Settings Override -> MaxRPM

Another thing to take into account, something that's I am unaware of a fix. Is that in the Nextion Editor the Rev Bar is seen as a progress bar going from 0 -> 100. Now you can see that visually the Rev bar goes from 0 -> 8 that means you'll never have the RPMS match up correctly visually. However I have not found a way to determine that. For me personally it's not such a big issue as the shift point is determined by either the RedLineRPM bar or shift lights.

Hope this makes sense
Really really good quality. Everything I've seen works as expected. Only minor flaw I saw was the background of some elements and in the picture itself of the base C8R dash is black and doesn't blend in with the background. (not only selectable objects in Nextion Editor but also in the background image). Still superb quality, thank you!
salut pourquoi la telemetrie de lessence ainsi que la position ne fonctionne pas chez moi ? merci
Excuse my reply in English. Je ne parle pas Français. It could have multiple reasons.
Which Dash are you using, have you selected the proper mapping file in Simhub?
What game are you running this on? Could be that the telemetry is different for that game than for iRacing.

If you could share more details, I can come up with a better answer.
fantastic, good nextion templates are always needed
Thanks! And I fully agree!
awesome job mate
Thanks a lot!