ferrari 488 gt

  1. bastoner97

    Ferrari 488 GT3 EVO - DTM Red Bull AF Corse Livery 1.1

    #30 driven by Liam Lawson, designed by Sean Bull Design. I tried my best to replicate this beauty! Feel free to convert it for ACC Car livery made for the BK Studio 488. Link to their discord channel:
  2. F

    SimHub Nextion 4.3 Dashboard Super Pack 1.2

    Hi All, Proud to share with you some quality Nextion Displays. This pack consists of 6 9 high quality dashboards for the following cars: Ferrari 488 GT3/GTE Indy Pro 2000 Mercedes AMG GT3 Chevrolet C8.R Dallara P217 Porsche 911 RSR Dallara IR18 Dallara Formula 3 Porsche 919 Hybrid I've...
  3. Paul Jeffrey

    iRacing Updated, Ford GT and Ferrari 488 and Myrtle Beach Released

    iRacing have released the new 2017 Ford GT and Ferrari 488 GTE to the online racing service, plus the Myrtle Beach short oval and a major new season build update too! CHANGE LOG: Dynamic Track Fixed a bug that allowed an exploit of joining an event during a lone qualifying session and not...