1. cobretti

    BMW M4 GT3 Dash 1.2

    Simply a Nextion 4.3 dash for the BMW M4 GT3 in ACC. I have tried to match it as close as possible to the ACC in game dash functionality. Edit: Now includes 5" version I am sure it needs some more fine tuning :) Forgot to note I use the excellent plugin from Ensi for most of the mapping -...
  2. dontpanic

    DIY Wheel with Simhub & Nextion Display

    Hejhej, I was planning my projekt for my new Racing Wheel and I stumbled over the following sentence on SimHub Wiki: "Arduino Pro Micro : The arduino will emulate a TTL and allow RGB LEDs or buttons to be added" Now, I plan to add rgb leds AND buttons and I am wondering, if every free pin is...
  3. G

    Sim hub ACC issue

    I have a strange issue in sim hub when using ACC. I have a nextion display with the porsche gt3 dash template uploaded. When the race starts the nextion goes to the default logo image and won’t let me switch to different screens. Before the start of the race the dash is displayed Instead of the...
  4. sts.sam.sts

    STS NX Essential (w/ NX Mapping Tool) V5.2 HOTFIX

    Hello Simracers ! I've new projects on my instagram (click here) This time, is the right time ! :cool:Finally, after some tryout, I'm glad to share this Nextion Dashboard for 4.3" screen for SimHub with 1 firmware, 2 dashboards available (F1 or GT) 100% without overlapping like my previous...
  5. Romaiin

    Simhub Nextion Display : select special page

    Hello, I would like that when I press my A button on my steering wheel it displays page A and button B displays page X. Is it possible instead to search for the page with next page and previous page
  6. Pset

    Dashboard Lexus RCF GT3 for Nextion 4.3 v2.0

    Here is my second realization the Dashboard inspired bythe Lexus GT3. It is intended for ACC.
  7. F

    SimHub Nextion 4.3 Dashboard Super Pack 1.2

    Hi All, Proud to share with you some quality Nextion Displays. This pack consists of 6 9 high quality dashboards for the following cars: Ferrari 488 GT3/GTE Indy Pro 2000 Mercedes AMG GT3 Chevrolet C8.R Dallara P217 Porsche 911 RSR Dallara IR18 Dallara Formula 3 Porsche 919 Hybrid I've...
  8. sts.sam.sts

    Simhub Dashboard for Nextion – STS NX Evo Final

    2021 : New dash is here ! Hello folks ! :cool: It’s your Frenchy (btw sorry for my bad english) I’m back to deliver a brand new dash ! This one is for Nextion 4.3" and works well for F1 2020 and Assetto Corsa Competizione. (but...
  9. L

    Nextion 3.2" F1 2020 Dashboard + 2nd timing screen Nextion 3.2 v1.03 + 2nd screen v1.2

    2 kinds of dashboards i made and use. - A nice dashboard on or behind your steeringwheel - a timing screen for on second monitor or tablet, and keep track about laptimes and a good overview on the circuit map 1. Nextion 3.2 F1 dashboard Only for Nextion 3.2 screens Test everything in the F1...
  10. sts.sam.sts

    PRS-STS Formula One Flat Dash 2020 final

    We're back !!! VERSION 2020 Including Ovetake and some new stuff :) Here we are, brand new dashboard for Nextion with FLAT version :) Place PRS-STS_FormulaOneFlat.HMI ; PRS-STS_FormulaOneFlat.hmijmap and PRS-STS_FormulaOneFlat.hmistruct in Program Files (x86)\SimHub\NextionTemplate Place...
  11. sts.sam.sts

    PRS-STS Formula One Flat Dash 2019 & 2020

    Discontinued please go to newer version : Hey folks ! After making my first dash (F1 2019 Pro Dashboard for Nextion) I'm back to bring you a flat design dash, less "kid look" than the previous I made. Place...
  12. sts.sam.sts

    PRS-STS ACC Dash 0.7b

    Hey racers ! :cool: I share my creation in association with Piro Racing System (who made my brand new custom steering wheel w/ Nextion 4.3" display) You must need ACC-CDS - Complete Dash Set V1.4.1 Place these files in Program Files (x86)\SimHub\NextionTemplate PRS-STS_ACC_Dash...
  13. BloodySalmonMan

    Cosworth LMP3 style dash for Nextion 1.0

    LMP3 style dash for Nextion 3.5" display. The dash can be configured using SimHub. There are 3 screens: Idle, P1 and R1. Here are the available properties: Idle page Cosworth logo P1 page Water temp Oil temp Air temp RPM Gear Speed Average fuel usage Fuel usage of the last lap Fuel left...
  14. sts.sam.sts

    F1 2019 Pro Dashboard for Nextion 4.3" 0.99

    Hello there ! I have recently placed a new order to Piro Racing System for a new custom wheel with 4.3" on-board display on Nextion. But I realized that there are only a few dashboards, and they are not very successful in terms of data. So I decided to develop / design my own dash. After 30...
  15. A

    Audi R18 Dash for Nextion 3.2" Display 1.1

    For use with a Nextion 3.2 inch display. Can also be customized to your liking with the SimHub Nextion Editor. You can scroll through the pages by either touching the screen or assigning a button on SimHub Energy storage Energy left to use on current lap Speed---3B. Amount of fuel RPM---4B...
  16. G

    F1 2019 Nextion Dash 0.3

    This is a Nextion dash made for a 4.3" screen, NX4827T043_11 (non-enhanced version). This is the only screen I have tested on and cannot promise it will work on any other model. It is made to look like the F1 2019 in game dash (cockpit). Features: Working: Gears, Speed, Time, Position, Lap...
  17. BloodySalmonMan

    DIY Cosworth steering wheel (LMP3/F4)

    Hi guys. I've been racing in VEC for SpeedyMite Racing this year and though it'd be good to have a replica wheel of the car I was racing in. So I gave it a try. The machine was Norma LMP3 and it uses Cosworth CFW277 steering wheel. I've designed it on CAD then laser cut Aluminium plates and 3D...
  18. M

    MisnaDash 1

    Here is a dash for 4,3" nextion inspired by AMG GT3. Still a bit work in progress..
  19. Pset

    Dashboard M6 GT3 0.2

    Here is my first realization the Dashboard inspired by that of the M6 GT3. It is intended for AC but must work with other games. Video in game :
  20. Pset

    Dashboard BMW M6 GT3

    Hello, I present to you my project outstanding achievement, the dashboard of the BMW M6 GT3. 3D printing for the case, Arduino for electronics, Nextion HMI 4.3 "and 16 leds. The Project : 3d Model in Fusion 360 : After many test of 3d print : Electronics : First test on my...