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Shifts and DRS Beeps - SimHub 1.2

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- Disabled upshift beeps when in top gear. Thanks to djd4ws0n from the SimHub discord for JS code.
Note that now you’ll have to go through the gear once before the beeps start working. The script has to learn what’s the top gears is every time you change car.

- Added 54 new sound files. 4 tones and 2 alert sounds with 9 audio levels for each one.

- Added 2 experimental pit speed triggers for the beeps/alerts:
  • “Speed Pit Limit Over” beeps fast when over the limit in pit lane and/or pit limiter is on
  • “Speed Pit Limit Under” beeps once when the speed reduces under the speed limit. To help on entry.
Please keep in mind that it is virtually impossible to tune for every game. Result will vary depending on the game you play, even depending on the cars or tracks in some cases.
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- Uploaded the wrong file in the last update. Sorry about that!
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- Added the following DRS detection triggers:
· DRS is available next zone – Detection zone (iRacing only)
· DRS is available now – DRS line
· DRS is open – Audio confirmation​

- Changed the debouncing. I tried to find a better balance between reactivity for extremely fast shifting car (modern F1 in low gears) and reducing the amount of double beeps and downshift beeps.

- Reduced the latency