ShakeIt DIY rumble Feedback for Assettocorsa, Codmasters, PCars, Rf1, Rf2, Iracing

ShakeIt DIY rumble Feedback for Assettocorsa, Codmasters, PCars, Rf1, Rf2, Iracing 3.1.5

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Hi !

This will be probably the last update of ShakeIt in this form, I was not originally planning to do it. But it became clear that it was required to get the time to go properly to the next step of this project and don't do it in hurry.

What changed ?
Nothing :D, It's only a compatibility update :
  • Pcars2 should work in compatibility mode (see instructions in gameplugin folder)
  • Updated RF2 to the latest Crewchief plugin (see instructions in gameplugin folder)

Don't hesitate to tell me if something is wrong, I didn't had my motors boards to test it :D

Why is it the last update ?

Simhub and ShakeIt shares their engines, the game readers are the core of both tools. Developments and fixes are mainly driven by Simhub, meaning that for each update of ShakeIt,it get performances, features, tweaks, and changes coming from the simhub development ... nice :D

Where the model fails short, is that when SimHub is updated weekly, ShakeIt is not, meaning that at each time ShakeIt needs an updates it requires more work even for a minor change.

That's why after having thought about it for a long time, the next time you will see shakeit it should be inside SimHub. You will gain some advantages by the way, which comes right from simhub framework
  • Almost weekly updates
  • multi usb
  • arduino autodetect
  • Game auto detect
  • More games supported
  • Better install & update process
  • Native per game settings management
  • ...

Obviously it's just a plan and plan are always subject to
last minute changes, but I will try to stick to it ;)
What's new ?
  • Added road vibration FFB for PCars
  • Other little bug fixes to games readers
Little fix for Iracing,

Formula Renault 2 miss one front shock absorber causing ShakeIt to crash.
Like the title says, codemasters were broken in 3.1.1, sorry for any inconvenience

Please take care instructions for codemasters are wrong the port must be 20778 instead of 20777
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Added a proper logging of crashes

Added basic support (Gear/Speed/RPM) to :
- Raceroom
- SIMBIN games
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removed all CPU bound tasks to the FFB processing loop, should be more stable and consume less CPU.
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Hi big update this time !

What's new ?
  • Iracing support
  • Automobilista / RF1 support
  • RF2 support
  • Updated all the previous game readers for performance and lower CPU.
  • When FFB preview is disabled now there is not anymore any data updated, it should avoid the random crash bug
  • When FFB preview is enabled, the display refresh occurs less often reducing the preview load.
Trying to fix some random crash.
What's new :
  • Assign power control to your wheel or button box (click on settings button) :
  • Automation :
    • From command line call "ShakeIt.exe powerup 5" to raise main power of 5%
    • From command line call "ShakeIt.exe powerup 5" to lower main power of 5%
  • Shake it is now forced as single instance
What's new ?
  • New Master Level slider (manage all motors simultaneously)
  • New RPM feedback
  • New sinus feedback curve
  • Fixed: Some crash occuring when changing how many outputs are available
  • Fixed : motorsare now correctly labeled
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What's new :
  • Fix for settings import occuring since Beta 5 (Reminder : Settings format changed since beta 5 and may not be compatible with older releases)
What's new
  • Top most behavior is now disabled by default and can be reactivated on demand (toggle in window title)
What's new ?
  • New gear change feedback
  • Now with an icon
/!\ Settings may not be compatible with previous version
What's new :
  • Fixed Arduino sketch for Adafruit Motor Shield V2
  • Added log file for debugging purpose
  • Try to fix settings loading bug.
What's new :
  • Support of Project Cars
  • Ability to "link" force settings (for exemple use same settings for left and right vibration)
  • Remote web admin + auto open on start