1. Fourty-Too!

    Atlanta Speedway 1910 1.0.1

    IMPORTANT NOTES/KNOWN ISSUES: CSP is needed for GrassFX, Tiling Fix, RainFX, and other CSP adjustments. Will work just fine without it as well. I have separated the spectators into their own KN5 file, so if you’re someone who likes racing without spectators, you can easily delete or rename...
  2. More Teasing in iRacing Development Update

    More Teasing in iRacing Development Update

    Just a day after teasing the circuit of Jerez on their Twitter account, iRacing came out with more juicy informations in an open letter to the community. The publication is quite lengthy and goes into extensive details about physics, so we'll focus on key points here. First, they claim the dev...
  3. AndrewShelby1

    DELETED | 2011 GYMKHANA 4 | V8 Vantage GT3 v.0

    For authenticity, the grille on the trunk is made according to the type, as in Ken's Fiesta)
  4. JorritVD

    JVD RX - Subaru WRX STI 2022 tribute 1.0

    In colab with @Sim Vansevenant we made another "Thank you" livery for my JVD RX programm. Last year we used the Clio S1600, this year it is the Subaru WRX STI Supercar. Can follow on: www.jorritvandasselaar.com www.facebook.com/jvdrx www.instagram.com/jvd_rx/ www.youtube.com/@jvd_rx...
  5. DiRT Rally and DiRT 4 Quietly Removed From All Online Storefronts

    DiRT Rally and DiRT 4 Quietly Removed From All Online Storefronts

    EA and Codemasters are on a roll. While announcing the demise of the Project CARS franchise, 2 of Codemaster's titles from the DiRT franchise have been taken down as well. From now on, you officially cannot buy both DiRT 4 as well as DiRT Rally anymore. Newer titles are not affected. Publisher...
  6. Slow-Mo Fun DiRT Rally

    Slow-Mo Fun DiRT Rally

    Just an old clip. Wroom.
  7. bikerbob951

    Keehner Park Mower Circuit V1.05

    Are you among the literally dozens of people curious about lawn mower racing? Well here's your chance to experiment with this fun, low cost motorsport! This track was designed to be used with my Honda FXT Racing Mower, click here to download This track was made by envisioning a temporary...
  8. M

    Rallycross Nurburgring 1.0

    Mixed surface circuit of dirt and asphalt, based on the Rallycross circuit of Nurburgring, in Germany, which uses the curves of the lower part of the F1 circuit and the ground pozzolanas, about 1100 m in length and pits for 14 cars
  9. T

    RSS Hyperion Dirt Edition 1.0

    I got really bugged trying to run dirt tracks with the asphalt tires, so I made a separate dirt version. Because this is a paid mod, I don't want to get in trouble with the creators, so it requires the original files. The installation procedure is as follows: 1. extract "rss_hyperion_2020_dirt"...
  10. All the Racing Games on Xbox Game Pass right now

    All the Racing Games on Xbox Game Pass right now

    For those of you who don’t know what Xbox Game Pass is - Game Pass is a library of over 100 games on Xbox and PC. Think of it as Microsoft’s version of Netflix, but for gamers. Instead of streaming games, players need to download the games to play them. This does not mean that players own the...
  11. Neue Assetto Corsa Mods: LMP3 Pack, VRC Prototype & Sebring!

    Neue Assetto Corsa Mods: LMP3 Pack, VRC Prototype & Sebring!

    DISCLAIMER: This video is in german! Du suchst neue Assetto Corsa Mods für die Weihnachtsferien? Dann bist du hier genau richtig! In der neuen Ausgabe Mods des Monats Dezember habe ich ein LMP3 Pack, den Sebring in seiner besten Fassung und einen unfassbar guten LMP1 für euch!
  12. mikec18reggae

    Rally-2.0-Ultimate-Dashboard-Simhub 1.0

    English : Here is a Dashboard for Simhub for Dirt Rally 2.0 With the necessary information for the race. The game has been tested only on "Dirt Rally 2.0" and no other games. Good Game. Francais : Voici un Dashboard pour Simhub pour Dirt Rally 2.0 Avec les informations nécessaire en course...
  13. SmakzZ

    Cross Car 1.1

    Hello everyone, I finally release my first car mod for Assetto Corsa, it's the Camotos Cross Car. The Camotos Cross Car is based on french regulations (FFSA). The Cross Car is a little buggy powered by 600cc motorbike engine on the rear wheels only for a weight of approximately 300kg. In the...
  14. S

    DiRT 3 DIRT 3- Considering releasing a 2021 patch for Dirt 3 with all mods, telemetry fix, reshade presets and automatic launcher fix. Anyone Interested?

    Im forced to run DiRTTelemetryErrorFix.exe EVERY TIME before running DiRT3 or I get Crash 10038. So i went through the effort of fixing and modding all the available and interesting mods out in the market. Many from here. I figured it would only be a couple hours work to compile this all...
  15. M

    Autocross Nova Paka 1.0

    Pista de tierra, basada en el circuito de Autocross de Nová Paka, en la República Checa, de un km de longitud y boxes para 12 coches

    Kanazawa Free Roam 0.4.1

    Kanazawa is known as a historical tourist destination in Japan, and is popular among touge lovers as well. In this mod, drivers can experience "real Japan" feeling through 50km+ roads. -------------------------------------------------------------------- FULL MAP...
  17. M

    Circuito La Roca 1.0

    Mixed dirt and asphalt surface circuit, based on the La Roca Karting circuit, owned by the World Rally Championship driver, Dani Sordo. The circuit joins the karting track and the Rallycross track, to make a length of about two km and boxes for 16 cars
  18. Dirt Rally 2.0 review

    Dirt Rally 2.0 review

    DiRT Rally 2.0 – Codemasters Greatest Achievement yet? Following on from the surprisingly impressive DiRT Rally of 2015, Codemasters have plenty of expectation resting on their shoulders for the new game – and they have seriously delivered. The wait for a true successor to the fabled Richard...
  19. NoobSoldier26

    DiRT Colin Mcrae Dirt - Graphics mod

    I like Dirt but i dont like the way it looks. So i made this mod. Download mod from my google drive: Click here :3 This Mod, Makes this game looks best as ever! I'm using my own effect files to change the graphics. It allows me to tune the art direction, without removing any post processing...
  20. peg306

    Mitsubishi Space Star R5 Jonna Brådhe 1.0

    Car: Mitsubishi Space Star R5 Team: Rallyjonna Driver: Jonna Brådhe (SWE) Codriver: Annie Hellstadius (SWE) Rally: Rally Vännäs 2020 Vehicle Class: R5 Donations are never required, but always appreciated! :) To install copy and paste the "mr5" folder inside ...\steamapps\common\DiRT Rally...