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  1. F60Outrunn

    How do i change the default blue flag symbol in simhub?

    above you can see the default blue flag symbol in simhub, but this from what i can tell is an oval specific blue flag symbol, how do i change it to a solid blue flag (like you see in f1)? i want to use it with an RGB matrix display 8x5 LED connected to an arduino uno r3
  2. R

    Sell SFX-100 shield and Arduino Leonardo

    PHOTOS ADDED I was fortunate to purchase one of the second U.S. group buy batches of custom shields released by RD member Pyronius for the popular DIY SFX-100 motion system. Unfortunately, I do not see myself pursuing this project in the near future as I am going the tactile route for immersion...
  3. X

    Making my own formula steering wheel.

    Hello everyone, So recently, since I have a lot of free time I got an idea to make a formula steering wheel for my g29. The problem occurs when it comes to wiring all the buttons and encoders. At the begining I wanted to use one of Arduino boards since they are quite cheap. But when I did some...
  4. D

    Nextion display + buttons + rotary encoder working with simhub

    Hello, I have started using simhub lately and I am planning on modding my thrustmaster f1 wheel. I have bought a nextion display, an arduino pro micro and a bunch of buttons and rotary encoders. So far i have got the display working and I think the buttons are not that hard to add in the sketch...
  5. S

    ATS/ETS2 E90 Cluster Arduino

    Hey community, I am working on a project and have hit one last hurdle then on completion I hope to share with the gaming community, as I have spent hundreds of hours searching for answers have found a few videos of this setup working but no how to's. I have an E90 Cluster along with 2 Arduino...
  6. V

    DIY SimRacing Arduino Touch Display with RGB LEDs

    This is an Arduino Based 5.0" Capacitive Touch display with 16 RGB LEDs for Sim Racing. The enclosure is 3D printed in PLA. The display is a Buy Display based on the RA8875 driver communicating it with the Arduino with 4 Wire SPI protocol for the graphics and with I2C for the touch panel. It...
  7. J

    Help arduino keyboard emulation in simhub

    I am trying to make buttons for a simracing stearing wheel. I used an arduino pro micro and I created the next scheme, the last are the shift padels, (I don't know if the scheme matrix is okey, or if it has a conection mistake). To emulate keyboard function for the buttons, what should I do...
  8. sti228

    Boost Gauge - Connect Problem

    Hello. Can someone help me to connect my boost gauge correct ? I try different variations but none of my connection scheme work. Here is cables i have. Video: In video signal cable is different... Here is scheme included in boost gauge package: I also connect signal wire but when i...
  9. Mr. Vermeer

    DIY Handbrake for under 25 bucks

    I made my own handbrake (prototype) for a fraction of the cost that retailers dare to ask. It's based on an aluminium hydraulic handbrake from China and uses a Hall-Sensor and a neodymium magnet to detect the motion of the handle. The Hall-Sensor is wired to a Pro Micro (Arduino) board which is...
  10. XBTech

    Cluster, Arduino, Problem

    Good morning everyone, I've been playing with a Honda Civic 2000 cluster for a while. I just wan't to have the RPM and Speedo to work. It was working fine like a year ago on my breadboard (and Assetto Corsa). I did not take any notes (I know, best idea I ever had), now I weld everything on a...
  11. Pset

    Dashboard M6 GT3 0.2

    Here is my first realization the Dashboard inspired by that of the M6 GT3. It is intended for AC but must work with other games. Video in game :
  12. Pset

    Dashboard BMW M6 GT3

    Hello, I present to you my project outstanding achievement, the dashboard of the BMW M6 GT3. 3D printing for the case, Arduino for electronics, Nextion HMI 4.3 "and 16 leds. The Project : 3d Model in Fusion 360 : After many test of 3d print : Electronics : First test on my...
  13. D

    Is it possible to add a handmade wheel to a thrustmaster 458 italia

    Hi there, just throwing this out.I was thinking of a project to do with a making my own steering wheel with an LCD display and buttons and rotary's as well as gear paddles, when I finally got the parts list together, I came to realise that will the servo base of the Thrustmaster recognise that...
  14. Atsuki

    Fanatec clubpost pedals V2 - Custom Board

    Hello! Guys, i have an old clubsport pedals V2, until some time ago it was working perfect, but recently I started to note some oscillating on pedals (all pedals), and now i have a issue on my brake, even if I press with my maximum force, the bar never go above 60% of the total travel. I...
  15. A

    Simhub latency is so down when i connect 2 displays

    Thats append. Im using assetto corsa and I am trying to build a analog dash width arduino and simhub. For the moment i have connected a tm1637 for kmh and a rgb 16 led from rpm. When i connect only one of this displays, it works perfectly. But when i configured it from skech to use both at the...
  16. gaspeda91

    Apps Arduino Dashboard

    Hi everyone, I'm from Brazil, I'm trying to use an arduino to capture the game data like ex: speed, rpm, fuel, marching, etc. Searching a little I found this:https://gist.github.com/robertcedwards/2f7a061af8ccc987aab2. but I'm not able to make this app work. Can someone here help me?
  17. gnokketto

    ATS / ETS2 Great Dash for SimHub 2017-08-29

    This is my first dashboard for the Dashstudio of SimHub. I set out to create analogue and digital mixed experience, the template have 3 pages, the last is the best! Let me know what you think and if it works for you. Work in ATS and ETS2 with nextion 4.3'' Unrar the 3 file in your subhub...
  18. Insert Coin

    Easy DIY wind simulator for Assetto Corsa

    Do you want to feel the wind blowing when you drive your open wheeler in Assetto Corsa? Now you can! In short: ACFan sends speed of car in AC to Arduino Uno R3, which controls PWM fan(s). No PWM whine. Hardly any CPU load. Scythe GlideStream 120 PWM SC (silent) Delta AFB1212SH fans (more...
  19. Wotever

    ShakeIt DIY rumble Feedback for Assettocorsa, Codmasters, PCars, Rf1, Rf2, Iracing 3.1.5

    The standalone ShakeIt is not maintained anymore. An enhanced version is now embedded into simhub : http://www.racedepartment.com/threads/simhub-diy-sim-racing-dash.121578/ You want a more immersive experience without killing you wallet with a Bass shaker ? Why not try shake it ? Key...