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Shadow DN6 1975/76 Formula 5000

Shadow DN6 1975/76 Formula 5000 1.0

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CRL Historic Race Sim Developments Proudly announces the release of the Shadow DN-6 Formula 5000 race car.

Designed by Tony Southgate, the new Shadow DN6 was very similar to the team's F1 cars of the day. The front half of the monocoque chassis could be carried over but a separate subframe had to added as the production-based V8 could not be used as a fully stressed member. At the start of the 1975 season, the F5000-specification of the Dodge V8 was not quite ready yet, so instead the first DN6 was fitted with a Chevy small-block. 1974 Can-Am Champion, Jackie Oliver raced a Shadow DN6 to second at the Road America round. For the final races of the year, the heavy but very powerful Dodge V8 was finally ready. The lengthy development showed as the Dodge-powered DN6 was instantly competitive. Oliver ended the year sixth in the championship.

-Credit https://www.ultimatecarpage.com/car/6308/Shadow-DN6-Dodge.html

The original model is based on the Shadow DN-5 1975 Formula 1 car, as was Don Nichols' original design. We used the Team CREW, DN-5 model converted for Assetto Corsa, and the engine from the Assetto Cora converted Team CREW Formula 5000 mod.

A huge thanks to Team CREW: BigFelix, Patjer, Slayer10, 3D Vince, T-Man and RichWard. Without your hard work none of these cars would be possible! Thanks to Bazza, Reutemann, Chiefwiggwum, and Dave Purdy for making it available for Assetto Corsa. Many thanks to the current owner of these cars Jim Bartel for putting on an amazing show at Road America for the Shadow 50th Anniversary inspiring this and all the Shadow projects from CRL in the coming months. A big shout out to Pete Lyons, whose book “SHADOW-The Magnificent Machines of a Man of Mystery” supplied an incredible resource for the history behind the cars.


CRL Credits:

OnMario: 2D Skin adjustment, 3D consulting

DriveDN4: 2D Skin adjustment, 3D modding, Sound Replacement, Physics

Latest reviews

What a great F5000 , having spent a lot of time around these cars in the seventies here in Australia this race car is right on , excellent work and thank you so much !!!
thank you 3d model very well, but physics must be worked on to improve, thank you very much for sharing your work and your hours dedicated
Fantastic, thank you
A wonderful 70s car, beatiful on every detail and fantastic handling, even on a broken wheel as mine XD nice job of the team really tahnk you!
Thank you.
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