1. Mascot

    Driver suit & shoes footwell shadow v1.1 26.11.22

    Something I meant to do years ago and got reminded about when driving the RSS LMP Ferruccio 33 V12 in VR. Adds a graded shadow to the lower legs and shoes of the driver suit to replicate the shadow of the footwell, kind of like a fake AO. Stops the lower legs and shoes appearing to glow...
  2. Chelsea_554

    Cars Brabham BT62 shadow and AI problems

    I have problems with Official Brabham BT62 car. CSP version is: 0.1.79-preview5 Sol version is: 2.2.2 When i set this car as an AI, the cars rear axle is automatically broken in half. No matter the map, it always is like this. Also the shadow is broken and there doesnt seem to be a fix for it
  3. H

    I keep getting these weird shadow glitches whilst on CSP

    Everytime i go into a game i always get these shadow glitches, It only happens when I have CSP active. Video : Specs : GTX 1650 Ryzen 5 3600 16 GB ram 2666mhz Anyone know a fix?
  4. CRLHistoricsModding

    Shadow DN6 1975/76 Formula 5000 1.0

    CRL Historic Race Sim Developments Proudly announces the release of the Shadow DN-6 Formula 5000 race car. Designed by Tony Southgate, the new Shadow DN6 was very similar to the team's F1 cars of the day. The front half of the monocoque chassis could be carried over but a separate subframe had...
  5. S

    Custom Shaders Patch - Shadow Glitch??? Please help me out

    So recently I uninstalled and reinstalled AC because I had to reset my content. When I started playing the game again using Custom Shaders Patch, I noticed there was a weird bug when I selected some of the cars. The hood of the car had become darker, which made it look kindof ugly. I tried...
  6. Matix

    Formula RSS 3 - McLaren Pack 0.5

    Hi, This pack is not ready, but decided to upload, 'cause going on holiday and I have no time to finish them very soon... Anyhow here you go.. MP4-20 MCL34 Shadow Project Hope you like them! Ps. Folders now less than 10Mb so you can use online too.
  7. dead end

    RSS GT Shadow/Saleen - 2003 FIA GT Championship 1.0 2003 FIA GT Championship Saleen S7-R for the RSS Shadow v8( 2003 Graham Nash Motorsport #7 & #8 files go here - Steam\steamapps\common\assettocorsa\content\cars\rss_gt_shadow_v8\skins Thanks to @chrisi2174 for his numberplate...