Setup editor

Setup editor v1.3

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error messages are more clear
I fixed the issues users that couldn't run the program were having.

Should work now.

let me know if it doesn't!
  • Added short tracks to the list
  • rearranged the sliders
  • Added car-selection dropdown menu
I disabled f2 & classic cars for now, as loading workshop items in those modes doesn't work right now.

If you have the previous version and you want to use your previous setups, just drag the custom,dry &Wet folders from ** / f1/Setups into ** into **F1Setups\Setups\F1 2020\All Cars**

preview v1.1.png
i got notified that the link did not work, the workshop item was not put on public. sry for that.

i could make the program support other workshop files, but it does not right now.