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So after playing a bit of multiplayer and realizing i had almost no time to tweak my car-setup before a race, i decided to make a tool that you could use while in the lobby to choose, load, edit and save your setup for the upcoming races.

After using this tool for a while and talking to my friends, i decided to upload it to this site. I am new here but you seem to be the right community for this stuff.

1) Download & Extract the tool (right click "f1.rar")
2) Subscribe to: Workshopfile
3) Run the "F1Setups.exe" app
4) Choose track, setup and adjust to your wishes. Hit Use (or check auto-use)
5) On-track hit load from workshop and choose "All Setups | scruffe"

If the app wont launch:
User Weedy says that copying the files to f12020 install dir could fix this issue
else, please leave a comment with your issue

in short how Setup editor works:
The tool will save and edit out of game, and when you press "Use" (or check auto use) it will overwrite the workshop file , that you would load in-game.

it wasn't easy to make and Feedback is appreciated!
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