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  1. Peter Roche Racing

    Mission Winnow Ferrari - Full Team Fantasy Package 1.00

    This is my own take on the Ferrari Team. Inspired by Ferrari's golden era in the early 2000's. Copy & Paste installation for Car & Driver Attires. Since the original Ferrari chassis is super restricted I decided to use the FOM car. Patreon Discord YouTube Instagram Facebook
  2. gladıus1

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  3. gladıus1

    Real Race Highlights Audio 1.1

    EN: Hello everyone; This Mod Will Replace the Racing Highlights Soundtrack in Your Game with Their Facts There are 5 kinds of race highlights sounds. (With the announcers) The sounds are random in the game, you will not always encounter the same. (like real) Do not forget to write your...
  4. gladıus1

    All Teams Driver Suits Driver Suits Special Requests 1.1

    I made a mod that @lidaMods2K1 wants, I hope you like it. :) Enjoy!
  5. gladıus1

    Ultimate Paris F1 Team 1.0 Ultimate Pack

    EN: This is the Paris Football Team inspired livery for MyTeam! This Mod include: - Paris Emblem - Paris Livery - Paris Driver Suit, Glove, Cap - Paris Race crew - Paris Rain Jacket - Paris Pit crew - Paris Garage Livery - DDS Files for Ego ERP Install INSTRUCTIONS: 1- Team Colors: Set the...
  6. Tomasz_987

    Toyota F1 Team [My Team] 1.0

    Hi, Today I'm giving You my Toyota F1 Team with livery based on Toyota TF107 from 2007, enjoy! MOD FEATURES: Team badge Car livery Driver: Race suit Cap Boots It is only DDS files so You need ERP 7.0 by Ryder: Ryders ERP Archiver: https://ryder25.itch.io/ego-erp-archiver Maybe drop him a...
  7. gladıus1

    Spite F1 Team 1.2

    Sprite F1 Team GLOVES UMBRELLA DRİVER CAP RACECREW PİT CREW HELMET PİT CREW SUİT DRİVER SUİT i made a mod for my team i hope you like it
  8. gladıus1

    AlphaTauri 2021 Livery AT02 (FOM Chassis) 2.5

    EN: Hello Everyone, I Prepared An AT02 Mod For You Hope You Like It. What you will find in the file you downloaded; FİLE: With Sponsors (For MyTeam & Car Skins For Career FİLE: Without Sponsors (for myteam) FİLE: Alphatauri text on front wing Numbers Pictures...
  9. gladıus1

    Mclaren 2021 Livery MCL35M (FOM Chassis) 2.8

    EN: Hello everyone, I have prepared a MCL35M Mod for you. I hope you like it. I prepared the mod completely. (FOM Chassis) -------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------- TR: Herkese merhaba, beden bir MCL35M Modu hazırladım. Umarım beğenirsiniz...
  10. gladıus1

    Red Bull 2021 Helmet 1.2

    EN : Hello everyone I tried to make the Red Bull 2021 Helmet, I hope you like it. Currently the file only has manual insertion, then I can add copy and paste. Also There Are Numbers As You See In The Picture. I can make special request numbers. TR : Herkese merhaba bir Red Bull 2021 Kaskı...
  11. gladıus1

    Mclaren- 2021 Without Bitci.com Helmet Template 1.1

    EN : Hello everyone, to help people who make Mclaren helmets I made this Mclaren Helmet sponsor template! This file only has sponsor logos placed on the helmet, you did not design a full helmet. The templates included in this template are: - Helmet Template - Wing Template - Visor...
  12. gladıus1

    Mclaren - 2021 Season Helmet Template 1.1

    EN: Hello everyone, to help people who make Mclaren helmets I made this Mclaren Helmet sponsor template! This file only has sponsor logos placed on the muscle, you did not design a full helmet. The templates included in this template are: - Helmet Template - Wing Template - Visor...
  13. Jackal-88

    Aston Martin F1 Team Package 2021 1.2

    version 1.3 available
  14. Jackal-88

    SKY Sport Reporter 1.2

    Hi guys. this is the mod to have a SKY Sport reporters. Package Included: - Female reporter t-shirt - Female reporter pants - Male reporter t-shirt - Male reporter pants - Microphone - Pass - Blue-eyed female reporter enjoy! You can either use do it manually with EEA...
  15. Jackal-88

    Aston Martin race suit 2021 1.1

    Hi guys, this is my first mod that I publish, I hope you like it. Package Included: _ boots _ cap _ cap's Stroll _ gloves - racing suit replace files in these locations: - F1 2020\2020_asset_groups\character_package\team_livery\2020-forceindia - F1...
  16. Abbie-.

    F1 2020 Performances 1.0.0

    this adds performance updates to f1 2019 to match the f1 2020 season, cant be used with skins as i havent provided the xml files. installation: drag and drop the provided 2019_asset_groups into f1 2019 directory. any bugs arise. write in the reviews or pm me.
  17. K

    Gallus Redbull helmet for rb16b 1.0

    hi i change some in Gallus redbul helmet to have better visor atachment and oracle logo on helmet replace in fom1.erp
  18. speedbzik

    Alpha Tauri 1.0

    Hi everyone, This mod includes: ALPHA TAURI livery - WHITE AND BLUE (FOM Chassis) ERP / Ego Achieve Install - You have to overwrite livery_custom_mer_d.tif and livery_custom_tor_s.tif OR COPY/PASTE - _Modular_Mods - _ACTIVE Please leave a rating if you like this mod, thank you :) To...
  19. renjiro2020

    Scuderia Ferrari Helmet 1.1

    My take on a ferrari helmet, copy and paste is included in the mod If you have problems, contact me through my discord @ spood#0592 or the discussions tab, Not through reviews. Note: I removed the @spoodshots logo from the sides of the helmets, so the mod doesn't have any of my names on it...
  20. R

    MP Motorsport F2 Car Livery (F2 2019) 1.0

    Hello F1 fans, This is a livery of my MP Motorsport F2 Team (the F2 2019 livery) It replaces the livery from M. Raghunathan. There are decals for Red Bull Junior Team. Let me know if you like it, ask for questions ONLY on Discord, enjoy! Also join my discord server...