Seat Leon TCR - 2018

Seat Leon TCR - 2018 V1.7

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Updates as follows:

1) Collider fixed
2) Electronics fixed
3) improved brake texture
4) Changed texture (as per @garyjpaterson advice)
5) after feedback from real drivers, increased the downforce slightly on the front
6) Fixed the Turbo settings
7) Improved the brakes and temps
8) improved rim blur texture

You will still need to warm the brakes up, but the feed back I got from real drivers, is, as a sim goes, it's "almost" spot on. In general it takes two laps to warm these up.

Again, feedback is most welcome


Shaun & Team
Fixed the Electronics file where some people suffered stuttering or speed limited

Thanks to @NoThrottleControl testing.

Shaun & Team

We are proud to release the new Seat Leon TCR V1.5.

I know a lot of people are concentrating on ACC, but there is still loads of life left in AC, and we continue to improve our MODS.

**** You will see that there is now no Seat Logo on the main screen, but there is now this logo ****

This is because, well you will see why

After a long time, massive help from mclarenf1papa, and so much more input from TCR Driver Carl Swift, this car has come on leaps and bounds. Since the Aero had to change, pretty much everything else needed changing as well, so below is what has changed.

Updated Model
New Aerodynamics
New Handling (steering and suspension)
New Power
New Gearing
Improved Gear Box and Turbo
New Brakes (and Brake temps) (
Fixed Collider
Improved textures
New Window names and templates (number on the correct side of rear windscreen)
Improved Camera Angles
Rear skinable bumper
Flashing Wing mirror lights ( After Midnight touch)
Totally new MOTEC Dashboard
Redone Liveries
New Preview Pictures ( I cannot find who but thank you, seriously)
Adjust Torque Preload in Setup Screen
Minimum Fuel set (what they use in Qual in real life)

This will overwrite the current Seat Leon TCR.

Model - Nay Winson
Physics - Shaun Clarke / Mclarenf1papa
Textures - After Midnight
LODS - Dreamer
Sounds - Fonsecker

Any problems, please let us know.

Shaun & Team
Sorry, made a complete balls up on the TOE IN settings, so my bad, hold my hands up.

Hi All,
After a space if illness, I said I would re-visit this, and well here you go. The feedback I got was amazing, so will let you all be the judge.

Here is the Change Log for V1.3

Set the Power and Coast Diff to the correct default values
Diff can now only be adjusted in increments of 15
Diff Preload is now correct and non adjustable.
Steering Ratio corrected and Steering Rod Lenght
Lowered FF Slightly (to much clipping)
Weight set correctly for DSG Model
Slightly adjusted front tyres wear
Adjusted front brakes so can get hotter before they fade
Adjusted Turbo so smoother
Default Camber settings changed due to feedback
Few more Liveries added
Templates included


Happy Easter to you all.

Well here it is, V1.2 of the Seat Leon TCR 2018 Mod. We have listened to everything that you all have said, so here are the updates.

Improved Aerodynamics and Tyres Temps - Guillaume Francois
Improved Shaders
Fixed Mirror angle
More Liveries added - After Midnight
Auto / Electronic Clutch fixed
Adjusted the AI – Thanks to schrep1964 for his suggestion
Collider’s and Fuel Tank position fixed
Couple of options removed from setup, as not there IRL - Guillaume Francois
Increase FFB slightly

Now due to some of these changes the car is slower, so don’t be surprised by this change of characteristics.

After speaking to @ Guillaume Francois he agreed that I have the power spot on when I told him my calculations.

Again, thank you to all that contributed, and also, any problems, please report to the support thread.

Hi All,

As I mentioned in the support thread, there was an update coming, and here it is. Now I will hold my hands up, and apologise, as I dropped a clanger here re the tyres.

Change-log V1.1.

Improved / Fixed Tyres
Improved / Fixed Automatic Gear Box (down shift was to low, so bounced between 2nd and 3rd
Tweaked AI
Included Carl Swift's fixed Windows
Included Templates folder.

Thank you all for what you reported back thus far, and again, if you spot an issue please report in the Support Section.

ALSO - I need to add, and sorry for the bold text.



Shaun Clarke