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Scuderia Ferrari - Marlboro Barcode Concept on Rosso Corsa Colours 1.0

Fictional Scuderia Ferrari Livery inspired by the 2007-2010 Clever Marlboro Tobacco "Barcode" Design

  1. Harry von Heimleiter
    Anyone being Nostalgic about the Ferrari Marlboro Barcode livery from the 2007-2010 seasons?


    This livery skin concept was inspired from the Ferrari cars driven by Kimi Raikkonen and Felipe Massa. The colour tweak used on the skin was the official hue used by National Italian racing stables called Rosso Corsa or "Racing Red". Former Ferrari sponsors such as Mubadala, Etihad Airways, Alice, and AMD have all made an appearance. Laptop brand ASUS replaces Acer whilst the old FIAT logo was used in the design instead of the current one. White accent designs were incorporated to get a sleek yet aggressive Prancing Horse look. Forza Ferrari! #RedSeason

    (Rosso Corsa + White Colour Scheme)

    (Marina Bay Street Circuit, Singapore)

    Onboard Shots:
    (Autodromo Internazionale di Monza)

    P.S Goodluck in 2017 #Kimi7 #Seb5

    Installation Instructions:
    Unzip then just copy the PSSG files unto respective texture folders at F1 2013/cars/fe2/livery main. Be sure to backup the original pssg files.
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