Fictional Johnnie Walker Honda F1 1.0

Factory Honda Racing Team with whiskey brand Johnnie Walker as title sponsor

  1. Harry von Heimleiter
    Honda racing is back at the pinnacle of Motorsport! Sponsored by Johnnie Walker, this simple yet classy livery concept will replace the 2013 Mercedes. A Silver & black colour scheme will surely be a head-turner on the world championship circuits. The retro Johnnie Walker logo will occupy the rear wing space whilst other brands such as Apple, Exxon and Mobil 1 will also be featured on the car. Thanks and Rate it as you please! Enjoy!

    In Game Screenshots:
    me2.jpg me3.jpg me4.jpg me5.jpg

    Onboard: me6.jpg me7.jpg me8.jpg me9.jpg me11.jpg

    Installation Instructions:
    Unzip then just copy the PSSG files unto respective texture folders at F1 2013/cars/me2/livery main. Be sure to backup the original pssg files.
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Recent Reviews

  1. MrTheRacer
    Version: 1.0
    I is wery nice idea love the sidepods and grey/silver on rear wing but you forgot to chnage the petronas colours on DRS thingy then there is also a bit of petronas colouts on back of rear wing and also maybe you could try to put there one or two sponsors instead od mobil 1 mainly on ide of rear wing becuase it makes weirid stuff on nose, keep on mate :)
    1. Harry von Heimleiter
      Author's Response
      Thank you good sir. Yeah, exactly, I over scaled the Mobil 1 on the rear wing side so the mobil 1 logo is cut on the nose. I agree, Its not that seamless as there are still some petronas green on the drs and on the back of the rear wing. Nonetheless, I really appreciate your feedback and I'm happy that you liked the scheme.
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