Fictional Nokia McLaren Mercedes 1.0

Chrome-Black coloured McLaren with Nokia brand as its title sponsor.

  1. Harry von Heimleiter
    The racing team based on Woking, UK goes retro. Inspired by the West McLaren Chrome Black era (Late 1990's-2005). This simple yet striking livery concept will replace the 2013 McLaren skin with Communications company Nokia replacing Vodafone as title sponsor. Other brands such as Mobil 1, Microsoft and Nvidia will also make an appearance on the livery. Thanks and Rate it as you please! Enjoy!

    10.jpg 11.jpg
    12.jpg 16.jpg

    Installation Instructions:
    Unzip then just copy the PSSG files unto respective folders at f12013/cars/mc2/livery main. Be sure to backup the original pssg files.
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