Sauber C34 on Mercedes Chassis 29.11.2015

Short nose version Of 2015 sauber

  1. Antonio Gregori
    A short nose version of the 2015 sauber. Yet again it is modelled on the mercedes chassis so there will be some parts of the car that don't look like the real car.

    Inculdes the sauber wheel (I do not claim ownership of that)
    link to wheel:
    Also features Ericsson and nasar helmets and is compatible with Lesley Burlage 2015 Mod

    If you are making a season MOD and would like to use this car make sure you let me know and if you use it please give credit.

    If you copy this MOD and try to pass it off as your own work you will be reported for plagiarism.

    2015-11-29_00008.jpg 2015-11-29_00005.jpg 2015-11-29_00011.jpg 2015-11-29_00018.jpg 2015-11-29_00013.jpg 2015-11-29_00001.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. ronal300
    Version: 29.11.2015
    Can you make the force india in mercedes chassis? PLEASE
  2. Hariel95
    Version: 29.11.2015
    Niice! Ferrari on Mercedes chassis plzz *-*
  3. alonso444
    Version: 29.11.2015
    please ferrari on mercedes chassis !!?
  4. aquesr
    Version: 29.11.2015
    can you make the ferrari in mercedes chassis?
    1. Antonio Gregori
      Author's Response
      Don't know I could give it a go if I can find the time
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