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Mclaren Honda MP4-31 on Mercedes Chassis 2016-02-21

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The new Mclaren was somewhat leaked and looked near identical to the MP4-30. So as such I made this mod and think of it as an update on my MP4-30 MOD
MP4-30 Link:
I know that I can't move the number down but its as close as I can get

2016-02-21_00012.jpg 2016-02-21_00017.jpg 2016-02-21_00013.jpg 2016-02-21_00014.jpg 2016-02-21_00016.jpg 2016-02-21_00005.jpg 2016-02-21_00010.jpg

Known bugs:
If you are using a different car while this mod is installed then the mclaren body may not show up in replays only the driver will appear I have tried to fix this but haven't been sucsessful.........yet

If you are making a season MOD and would like to use this car make sure you me me know as if you copy this MOD and try to pass it off as your own work you will be reported for plagiarism.
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Antonio Gregori
Antonio Gregori
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