Aston Martin Skin on Red bull chassis 2016-01-09

new Aston martin for F1 2014 (replaces Force India)

  1. Antonio Gregori
    A new Aston Martin Mod for F1 2014 which replaces the Force India chassis. There sre two skins to choose from a Gulf racing skin and a british racing green skin (inspired by the DBR9)

    Also included is a frontend update which replces Force India with Aston Martin, Enjoy

    If you copy this MOD and try to pass it off as your own work you will be reported for plagiarism.
    2015-12-02_00008.jpg 2015-12-02_00009.jpg 2015-12-02_00004.jpg 2015-12-05_00002.jpg 2015-12-05_00013.jpg 2015-12-05_00011.jpg
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