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Mclaren MP4-12C for Enduracers. 2015-11-17

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As you can probably tell I enjoy the enduracers mod and as such I have released another MOD for the series. The Mclaren MP4-12C GT3 is made with the same physics files as the Ferrari 458 GTE in the enduracers mod asnd as such when racing they should be quite close together on the track.

I aslo found the skin pack for this car (which was near impossible) and added that along witha few other skins from around the internet
(I don't claim onwership the skin pack that goes to Alex Koda and GP fan)

I made a personal skin as seen in the photos but that is NOT avalible for download.

Known bugs: there are decals on some of the wheels which belong on the car I have tried to fix this but have not been able to as it messes up the skin for the car.

RFactor  mclaren 1.png RFactor  mclaren 2.png RFactor  mclaren 3.png
If you want to post this on another site you may just remember to include my name as the author
Please do not copy this mod and pass of as own work otherwise you will be reported for plagiarism.
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Antonio Gregori
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