Repsol Honda Formula One 2.1

Repsol Honda in F1

  1. ElMattoGrande
    Replaced Haas with this Repsol Honda Team!
    If you got some tips, please send them to me, cause this is my first skin :)

    In the future:
    - Fix sidepods of the front wing
    - Red Bull logo fix
    - Driver clothes
    - Pit crew
    - Change the color of the rims to black or orange. (Write what you think )
    -Small errors

    Want to give @massa credit for helping me alot!
    Credit to @KeisariKine for trying to help me :D

    20160914191449_1.jpg 20160914192245_1.jpg 20160914192239_1.jpg
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Recent Reviews

  1. Geert de Vries
    Geert de Vries
    Version: 2.1
    Very nice! Can finally get rid of the Haas team :D
    1. ElMattoGrande
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