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  1. C

    IRT Repsol Honda 1.2 Fixed Copy Paste

    Just the car
  2. madmax_2a

    TheLiftback_"Repsol" Racing v2

    Hi all ! :rolleyes: Enjoy this beauty, drive safe, use your turn signals, and always put your seatbelt. ;)
  3. DavidDGA

    1995 Porsche 993 GT2 - Heico Motorsport #91 1.2

    Here is the Repsol sponsored Porsche 993 GT2 that ran in Le Mans 1995. This skin is for Legion's Porsche 993 GT2. This Porsche driven by a group of three Spaniards, started 40th but it never crossed the finish line due to an accident. Link for full Le Mans 1995 Porsche skinpack...
  4. Isaac Chavira

    [DECALS] 2021 REPSOL assets for MODDER's 1

    Here is an asset for Modders to use for this SIM or MotoGP 'XX. This is the new REPSOL logo in many different forms. It was built with Adobe Illustrator CC 2021.
  5. Whalenap

    Viner Ale Motors NSX GT3 Evo 1.0

    Introducing Viner Ale Motors, a Racing Team coming out from my imagination several years ago. Red glossy paint with metallic red facings, white lines and curves, Panasonic and Repsol sponsors plus the team's original logo. As you will see, the front view shows matte back paint hiding the...
  6. madmax_2a

    La_Montaine_TOTIP RACING TEAM V2 2021-05-01

    Enjoy this real beast ! :)
  7. madmax_2a


    Enjoy this real beast ! :)
  8. madmax_2a

    La Montaine_TOTIP RACING TEAM V3 (No replica) V3

    Enjoy this one ! :)
  9. madmax_2a

    LaMontaine_TOTIP RACING TEAM - (No replica) V1

    Enjoy this unreal machine ! :)
  10. DendyZ

    REPSOL Škoda F1 team 1.0

    My first posted livery hope you like it Copy-paste + ERP version I was inspired by Repsol Honda motogp livery viz photo ;) I have used E-tech and renault logos so you can change to logos witch engine you use Let me know about what to improve or what should i make next time
  11. Whalenap

    Team Repsol Japan GTR '18 - Triple pack 1.2

    Here is a new version of my Repsol design, shared a few weeks ago. The black body paint has been matted and the repsol vinyles has its colors slightly turned into a more "neon" shade. Various sponsors has been enhanced, and most of the finishes has been perfected. This time you have three...
  12. iancurtis

    Lancia Delta HF Integrale | 1993 | Sainz | Repsol | Group A 1.1

    Livery for il gorillona Installation - Copy the PNG-Files into: Steam\steamapps\common\artofrally\artofrally_Data\StreamingAssets\Liveries\group a\il gorillona\ All liveries were made from scratch by my own - no conversion or copy. I don't mind if you modify the livery for your own use...
  13. Pöllö_//

    Repsol Ferrari 488 Evo *Fictional* 1.01

    Fictional Repsol livery for Ferrari 488 Evo. Unzip and copy customs folder to Documents\Assetto Corsa Competizione
  14. Madhat

    Repsol RSS Hyperion 2020/Ford Mustang NASCAR V1

    Please do not modify, post files elsewhere, or post unaccredited pictures of any of my skins without permission. I can add your name and number by request. If you like my skins and want to support my work, please donate using the Paypal.me link at top of the page. Or Donate Quick link to view...
  15. Whalenap

    Team Repsol Japan GTR '19 1.0

    This skin is inspired by the liveries of Honda Repsol moto GP team. I hope you will enjoy this one, it has been pretty difficult to finally get an acceptable result. The GTR has lots of little parts that are not so easy to locate, and I wanted it to be as balanced as possible. Dealing with...
  16. MajkiMajk

    Nissan GT-R REPSOL '93 #23 1.0

    Another classic, this time REPSOL from Spanish Touring Car Championship '93. Driver: Luis Pérez-Sala Ps. Repsol swapped the colors in the new logo so I did the same thing. Also looks sexy in my opinion :).
  17. 86ayayay

    Marquez Brothers 2020 1.0

    What's inside : Alex Marquez 2020 helmet Marc & Alex new gloves and boots Using Alpinestars new boot model New suit textures (based on custom rider suit) Marc & Alex new glass windshield Marc's helmet is not included since it has been beautifully made by Calicojack Installation : Copy .pak...
  18. IMassi84

    Ferrari Repsol V1

    Hi guys, this is my F488 Repsol, I hope you like it ... Have a good game Support me Donate
  19. W

    JSP 22 Estrella de Galicia 1.0

    My first helmet created, with the sponsors of the estrella de galicia, repsol, pirelli, galicia calidade, movistar, cromoly, etc. Number 22. I attach the files to modify and the PSD file. You can modify any layer. Enjoy!
  20. Madhat

    Repsol Ford Focus RX Fictional livery 2020-07-08

    My name has been removed from the roof in the download file. Please do not modify any of my skins without permission. I can add your name and number by request. If you like my skins and want to support my work, please donate using the Paypal.me link at top of the page. Or Donate