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  1. J

    F1 2016 BETA Mod 0.1

    _________________________________________________________________________________________ FEATURES Real drivers and teams from 2016 21 race calendar "Rule Changes" by resetting parts after 1200 performance (starting again at ~600)...
  2. Gaara CewoFan

    1997 & 2001 Liveries for F1 2016

    I made the 2001 language file, and also make the 1997 Benetton & Stewart liveries for F1 2016. But I don't know who will contuine this work?
  3. Broxima

    BMW Motorsport 1.0

    I present you my first mod Formula 1 BMW Motorsport Team. It's my first mod so it is not the best. Short Backstory: Renault after a lot of years of struggling to score points decided to sold team. Only BMW were interested, so they bought team for only symbolic $100. Will they do the same thing...
  4. Los Santos Boys

    1994 Team Names 1.0

    I just made this mod. You can edit this mod if you have F1 2016.
  5. Los Santos Boys

    F1 1994 mod For F1 2016

    Can any of someone make the 1994 mod for F1 2016?
  6. Los Santos Boys

    Benetton 1999 Suit 1.0

    Just made the Benetton 1999 Suit for F1 2016. Sorry If I made a bad mod, because I made this suit on Paint.net.
  7. Los Santos Boys

    F1 2016 Suit DDS Files (Livery/Logo) 1.0

    A mod that you should make suits on Paint.net for F1 2016 NOTE: I don't know if it will work for F1 2017 or 2018 NOTE: The Logo dds file is only works for Renault in F1 2016.
  8. Dethrone1427

    Formula One 2016 RSS Physics Mod Version 1.1

    This is a physics add-on mod for the 2016 RSS Mod created for AMS by Nick9320 (This will need to be downloaded FIRST in order for this add-on mod to work). The physics files I have based the mod off of are the work of WCP, who have allowed me to work on those files and create new physics for...
  9. L

    RedBull fantasy - ''Golden Bull'' 1.2

    this is all send me the feedback , this is so important for me . I hope you enjoy !! -l0ss1n
  10. W

    Renault Career Season 5 2017-10-19

    --My career mode's season 5 livery for Renault.-- Includes edited numbers for Magnussen & Palmer. I'm still getting used to making skins for F1 games, so might as well practice in my time away from animation work. Feedback is welcome.
  11. J

    Ferrari F1 2016 - Repaint 1.0

    Hi guys, I created a new look for the F1 2016 Ferrari. It's a simple repaint with 2 Options. Just extract the option u prefer in your F1 2016 Directory! Have FUN! 1. White 2. Black
  12. alabassiry

    Lewis Hamilton's 2017 look v1.0

    This is Lewis Hamilton's new look for 2017 I added the old right neck tattoo with the number behind the ear. and the new look for 2017 Including the new earrings, nose piercing and left neck tattoo. enjoy.
  13. allflattious

    Allflattious Season 4 McLaren Skin (Made by KeisariKine) 1.0

    Hey guys! So as a lot of people asked on my videos for the mods for my Season 4 of F1 2016 Career Mode to be released on RaceDepartment, so here we go! Next up is the McLaren Honda Andretti skin, once again made for me by @KeisariKine ! The inspiration for this car came from the IndyCar McLaren...
  14. Alex35zombi

    Toro Rosso with Renault Engine Sound 1.0

    This mod changes the Toro Rosso Ferrari engine sound for the Renault engine sound
  15. C

    Tire Smoke With ABS

    Hey Guys! When i turn off the ABS and i brake a lot there is tire smoke. But if i turn on the ABS there isn't tire smoke. How i can solve to if i turn on the ABS, there is tire smoke? Maybe have a mod or something else? Sorry for my bad english, please let me a comment if you have an idea to fix...
  16. madotter

    NEW 2017 Sky Sports HD F1 Live Broadcast Logo 1.0

    A quick note to the community - If everyone that downloads this could "like" and leave a quick comment, even if it is just a "thanks" as it really motivates me to continue improving and making new mods. Also, help support me on YouTube at the link in the next section, it only takes a second to...
  17. Laksu

    Prema Powerteam (Replaces Manor) 2.0

    This is Prema Powerteam mod for career mode! !!! BACK UP FIRST !!! Mod includes car livery, driver numbers and helmets for Leclerc and Giovinazzi Helmets made by Dimitar Vitanov Future Plans: -Career hub -Suits
  18. Gioppino

    Brawn GP (Full Team) 0.1

    Introducing Brawn GP ! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Future Plans: Garage Pitcrew Helmets Career Hub Tablet Caps Pitwall Trailer Lapboard White Rear Wing ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~...
  19. Fanofvale

    Porsche T-Mobile F1 Team 1.2

    Tutorial: Go to your ERP Archiver and click on "Archive" > "Import Texture", and select your "marussia_paint.tga.dds". (and other files) Once you have done that, you are nearly ready to play. The last step is to save the marussia.erp. Just click on "File" > "Save". - helmets (thanks to Dimitar...
  20. X

    Manor Ford 2017-07-23

    When playing F1 2016 with 2017 skins for the teams, I felt dissatisfied with the default Manor. So I thought about a scenario, where Manor was rescued before the beginning of 2017 Season. In the 1990's and early 2000's Ford supplied F1 Teams, what gives me the idea, that a comeback of Ford would...
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