Red Bull Racing F1 2016 Team outfit 2016-07-08

This is the RBR Race crew in 2016 outfit..

  1. arthurvince

    RED BULL Racing F1 - RACECREW 2016 -


    RBR Racecrew wearing 2016 Polo shirts and Trousers.


    Unzip/Rar the "Red Bull F1 2016Team Clothes" Rar
    file, and put the "characters" file into your main F1 2014 location. If asking to overwright says yes..

    Always make a backup from the original files!!


    If you wanna use this file in a 2016 mod, You've
    got my permission. I ONLY want to have Credits for my work. Thant's all i ask.. thanks.

    Arthur Vince



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Recent Reviews

  1. Theo Berrekeman
    Theo Berrekeman
    Version: 2016-07-08
    Really nice job mate, great! One little thing.... Can you use the new TAG Heuer logo?
    1. arthurvince
      Author's Response
      Tuurlijk, ik zal zeggen je heb t mijn permissie deze erop te
  2. asizow
    Version: 2016-07-08
    Great job!
    1. arthurvince
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