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red bull racing f1 2016

  1. W

    Andy Werner's Audi-Red Bull Racing Livery 1.1

    Livery for Red Bull based on Andy Werner's concept livery: For the Mercedes chassis. I don't know if people are still playing this game, but since I just started skinning, I might as well upload. Install with EEA. I might redo this for F1 2017 once I have the game. Previews: Feedback is...
  2. TimeOut73

    Black Red Bull 1.0

    I've made a repaint of the RB12. I also changed the Tag Heuer logos. Replace redbull.erp in the F1 2016 folder. (F1 2016/asset_groups/f1_2016_vehicle_package/teams/redbull/wep) Replace redbull_decal.tga.mipmaps in the F1 2016 folder. (F1 2016/f1_2016_vehicle_package/teams/redbull/textures)...
  3. E

    Red Bull Mobile (Fantasy RedBull Skin) 1.0

    Hi All, This is a fantasy RedBull skin ideal for season 2 onwards. The livery has been modified to incorporate RedBull Mobile as the main sponsor on the car. ***Please Note*** To install, please copy both folders directly into your F1 2016 folder in your steam folder, this skin contains an...
  4. arthurvince

    Red Bull Racing F1 2016 Team outfit 2016-07-08

    RED BULL Racing F1 - RACECREW 2016 - ---------------------------------------------------------------- RBR Racecrew wearing 2016 Polo shirts and Trousers. Installation: Unzip/Rar the "Red Bull F1 2016Team Clothes" Rar file, and put the "characters" file into your main F1 2014 location. If...