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  1. D

    NGP 6 Car Not accelerating issue

    Ok, here the deal, I have a fresh install of RBR with the latest rbrcit with ngp6 and fixup, no other plugins. I download all cars from the list in rbrcit itself and have updated carlist.ini. my issue is that all the download cars do not rev when I hit the accelerator, but I can change gears...
  2. G

    RSRBR stages

    Hi, I have a Czech plugin and I want stages from RSRBR. Is any way to play with the RX plugin or something? Thanks
  3. A

    Released 2020 Rally New Zealand

    Hi all, after quite a few years of building Amateur tracks based on real Rally New Zealand special stages, using BTB and Zaxxon's method I decided to pack them together to create a complete Rally event :) The other big motivator was after COVID caused the cancellation of Rally New Zealand this...
  4. Don Pedro

    RBR P.O.R.N. 2.0 (Graphics Mod)

    -----------------------------------WORK IN PROGRESS------------------------ Be adviced that for the time being this is not a final release but something like a Beta-build that will be updated and patched during the following weeks. And will be updated whenever there is a new stage coming out...
  5. Richard Burns Rally 2020, Escort Cossie with fMOD sounds!

    Richard Burns Rally 2020, Escort Cossie with fMOD sounds!

    Richard Burns Rally in 2020 looks and sounds very different these days, but still feels epic!
  6. Leza Dreamizer

    RBR Japanese Co-Driver mod

    This mod is include in my Co-Driver & All Track Pacenotes Pack. -Please, Do not use my mod for your own project!- -This mod is free for only non-commercial use. You MUST use PaceNote plug-in for these mods. https://www.racedepartment.com/threads/pacenote-plugin-support-download.62725/ The...
  7. P

    RBR YouTube Clips

    hey there! i wanted to start a thread where people could post youtube clips of them playing RBR, or of their favorite clips of people playing RBR. please dont post YouTube clips of other racing games and only post RBR related content :geek: thank you!
  8. Simply Pakistani

    Samir You're Wrecking the CAR !! | Co-Driver MOD | Simply Pakistani

    I have created a RBR Mod off a funny Co-Driver clip, courtesy SAMIR THAPAR Video demo : OnBoard : 00:38 Replay : 04:45 A place for fun and competition for all rallying fans in Pakistan and around the world, "BE BRAVE AND UNLEASH YOUR MAXIMUM ATTACK" Now, you can sign up for events...
  9. RBR Pro 2020 - Ford Fiesta 2019 @ Rally School

    RBR Pro 2020 - Ford Fiesta 2019 @ Rally School

  10. RBR Pro 2020 - Ford Escort Cosworth @ Rally School

    RBR Pro 2020 - Ford Escort Cosworth @ Rally School

    First test run of RBR Pro 2020 all-in-one installer. Recorded in 1440p.
  11. Khalid789

    My RBR NGP 6 Crashed before the profile menu..

    Before this happens, i do run a pc booster app. I dont know if this app deleted something crucial for the rbr to works. The loading time was fast but it crashes after the loading bars was all completed. I doesnt change any setup or that stuff, it runs perfectly the last time before i decided to...
  12. Slendis

    F1 2019 REALISTIC SPONSORBOARDS: Austria 1.0

    What's up everyone! The purpose of this mod is to replace the default sponsorboards in F1 2019 and replace them with new, more realistic, high quality sponsorboards to increase the realism while you play! I will try to post every track as fast as I can, but it might take some time depending on...
  13. cangrejin

    The Old School racing simulator: "the Revenge-the counter attack" (f1c,gtr2,rbr)

    Sorry for my bad English (GOOGLE TRANSLATOR) PART 1 ? Follow me to see MY sad story .... SHORT STORY: imagine: they live the big city (noise, smoke, technology, and distractions). Due to a SERIOUS problem you have a week off to rest. A girl who WANTED TO be your friend for a LONG TIME, and to...
  14. Z

    RBR car name replacer

    Hi everyone, I really like RBRCIT however when I play I find it hard to remember which slot my Opel Manta 400 is in. To solve this problem I've written a small C++ program that takes the car names from \Cars\Cars.ini and replaces the original strings in RichardBurnsRally_SSE.exe. Run it...
  15. asis

    Is there any option/possibility to remove audience from the tracks?

    Hello, Did Anyone can say something about removing the dummies audience (people) from the tracks ? Is there are some files with the audience people textures / models i can remove? I'ts annoying because lot of this models/textures/sprites of audiences looks terrible ;-)
  16. Don_Pedro

    All Tracks Particles Mod

    first a little desclaimer: I apologize for the awefully named mod. I had to name it something while creating the videos and now I´m kinda stuck with it. The Mod, I so cunningly named ATP (All Tracks Particles), comes with three sets of stages containing all RBR Stages in classic format (ca.170...
  17. Broxima

    RBR Fantasy Livery 1.0

    Here is my new mod, Its just a simple recolor of RBR for F1 2016
  18. RaceNut

    RBR with D-box Motion

    Does anyone active with RBR use a D-box rig? I'm unable to get things working without having the graphics freeze when I run the D-box system with RBR (both the standard and RBRcz versions). I tried a fresh install of RBR with no mods or plug-in's, then later added the "Fix Up" plug-in but, no...
  19. Leza Dreamizer

    BTB Track Collection / Improve pacenote for CZmappack

    Hello. I've been collecting BTB tracks for months, then found a total of 150+ stages. I picked 100 of them with good quality. BTB pack download https://drive.google.com/open?id=1doPynkgQHVUJtYCJXCF8xgH-JRVUmpMI BTB Finland Nokkospohja & my pacenote...
  20. PantaGorian

    Red Bull Racing - Honda 2019 (88) 1.0

    It's a number 88! ( My own race number ) And comes with a few more extra decals. Perhaps not the best out there, but I did my darn best to make it look like the current one. With some extra flavour ofcourse. Enjoy!