Queensland Raceway 0.5 Beta 0.5

This is my rFactor creation converted. Version 2.0 is in the works.

  1. Mikec87
    I made this track off CAD files and BTB and 3d Max a few years ago.

    For reason I am not sure of, it is located in the existing QR folder as National Course

    It is very accurate as I had full access to the track for a day to take photos etc.

    It is dated and the new version will be done soon. The AIW are funny as at the end of the race two cars are left at the start finish line. If someone can make a new AIW file...feel free!!

    The graphics are not how I like as I do not have the tools to do the track editing and export to the AMS format.

    This track is not a competition to the other QR track, just an alternative.

    I am working on all 5 layouts (some were never made, the wonder of having access to the original track plans) There is also a totally new plan I need to get permission for that was canned last year.

    Hope you like it, the Mini's are super fun here.


    1. wip78.jpg
    2. wip84.jpg
    3. wip59.jpg
    4. wip60.jpg
    5. WIP83.jpg
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Recent Reviews

  1. julien2324
    Version: 0.5
    great work !!!
    question : do U have a tuto rial to make track in rf2 or AMS ?
    i known 3ds max well as a 3d Architectural Info...
    thanks a lot
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