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queensland raceway

  1. Mikec87

    Queensland Raceways Track Pack Beta 0.08

    Queensland Raceways Track Pack Beta V0.08 MAKE SURE OLD VERSION IS COMPLETELY REMOVED BEFORE UPDATE :) Hey everyone, More updates done and now to spend some time on Lakeside. Version 0.08: Added all the trees. These will be tweaked and adjusted in the future to try and resemble the real...
  2. J

    Queensland Raceway 1.1

    First attempt at creating a track, so please go easy ;-p Productive criticism welcomed. I was itching for Repa24 to do his, but sadly don't think that's going to happen. So I took a crack. ABOUT THE TRACK: Queensland Raceway nicknamed "the paperclip" is a motor racing circuit located at...
  3. Mikec87

    Queensland Raceway 0.5 Beta 0.5

    I made this track off CAD files and BTB and 3d Max a few years ago. For reason I am not sure of, it is located in the existing QR folder as National Course It is very accurate as I had full access to the track for a day to take photos etc. It is dated and the new version will be done soon...
  4. Mikec87

    Lakeside Park 1.00

    This is Lakeside Park, formerly known as Lakeside Raceway. It is a permanent track opened on 19th March, 1961. I made this track under licence from Queenland Raceway Pty Ltd in 2010 originally for rFactor 1 After this track I made Queensland Raceway, Ipswich using CAD plans from QR and...
  5. Mikec87

    Queensland Raceway and Lakeside Park Tracks

    Hi everyone, I made these tracks for rFactor some time ago and have converted them to Game Stock Car. They work the same in Automobilista. I will upload them tonight or in the morning. They are a little dated but work well and Lakeside was made under licence from QR. I am currently updating...