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Queensland Raceways Track Pack Beta 0.08

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Queensland Raceways Track Pack Beta V0.08


Hey everyone,

More updates done and now to spend some time on Lakeside.

Version 0.08:

Added all the trees. These will be tweaked and adjusted in the future to try and resemble the real track as close as possible. From now on updates will be focused on fine tuning and also the other other layouts as well.

AIW file is still a bit buggy. Other layouts coming in next release.

Version 0.07:

95% of all objects are done, many new and remade.
3D fences used as opposed to the old image only fence, many with shadows
Building have new textures and bump / spec maps.
Lots of added details in pit area and behind the track at the drift area.
Started adding trees, experimenting with different textures and settings.

Next version:
Complete the trees and adjust to be more realistic size
Add more detail around track interior (lake, pump and grass textures)
Add the other layouts
Detail around car park and outer roads around edge of track.
Anything more I can do to make this a fairly nice representation of the real thing.
Hope to have a V8 Supercar race weekend version...

Version 0.05:

Added many infield objects.
* Tire walls and barriers
* Flag marshal stands
* Fixed bump exiting turn 3
*Fixed wall hump entering turn 3
*Added Race Office with clear windows and 3D vertical blinds.
*Added clear glass to control tower and internal basic rooms
*Added better AC units and more detail around control tower
*Added the start tower and updated textures
*Added the pit and start lights. I do not like them and will add better light soon.

Next Release:

Finish detailing the garages and objects around pits are and car park
* Add other buildings and details in the outer parts of the track. This will be done over a few releases.
* Add surrounding landscape area and horizon.

Version 0.03:


Updated the walls sponsors and images to as accurate as I can till I visit the track again. It does look quite good at Max settings, particularly in the late afternoon. Shadows around walls have gaps??

AIW is updated with SmelleySkidmark and myself. Not perfect but the Flat 6s and GT# cars are really good. I will post a video soon of the Flat 6 20 lapper.

I have added brake markers as well to help with the track as there are little reference points at the moment.

Next Release:
* Add tyre walls and martial boxes on the infield.
* Add the control tower.
* Detail the pit garages.

Feedback would be appreciated. Mike :)

This is a Beta, so please be kind.
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Latest reviews

Top job, well done.
Nice to see another aussie track. Thank you for sharing.
good onya mate,cant wait for lakeside!!
Thanks Mike
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