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ptracker 3.4.0

lap and race tracker, send setups, autosave pb setups, advanced chat client

  1. 3.1.5-experimental

    Uploaded ptracker/stracker versions 3.1.5. This should be the last experimental before going stable, so if you have a chance, it would be nice you could give it a go. As usual, experimental downloads are here: http://n-e-y-s.de/download

    • fix double entry about fuel prediction display in config dialog
    • fix sending setup sender name
    • fix possible error in udp plugin plausibility check (RuntimeError: dictionary changed size during iteration)
    • new option HTTP_CONFIG/max_streaming_clients
    • slightly optimize lap stat query statements
    • acauth: introduce caching to the acauth feature needed to avoid server lag
    • acauth: automatically add '&' or '?' to the andurl1..5
    • http: fix streaming of too many clients
    • http: show admin ban options even if no blacklist.txt file is configured
    • http: fix wrong admin login failure reports for re-authenticate requests
    • http: fix player details page when running sqlite3 databases
    • http: fix auto-scroll of log display in case of no log changes
    • linux: provide SO_ALLOWREUSE in socket options, so that the 4 minutes pause between stracker stop and starts is gone
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