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Lord Kunos said:
... and that makes it 100% certain Python is staying.. no way I am going to throw that amount of work away.
Whether or not add a new API is a good discussion to have.. but probably our time would be best spent into redirecting the effort to see what can be done to improve the Python API we already have and live with it for the duration of the project.
Reading this statement, I think it is time to get the apps online again. I'm going to support this all with very little effort for now, so don't expect any new features in the near future.

I am still disappointed about the way this discussion initially was led by KUNOS.

On the other hand, this app was inspired by the wish that the AC project would become a success in the MP area. There is still a very long way to go for KUNOS in this area and I'm not confident if their priorities point to this direction.

Release candidate for 2.6.x series

Change Log:
  • really fix remaining lap display for two and three digit lap counts
Still experimental, average users shall stay on 2.5.5.

Change Log:
  • more layout fixes for millisecond accuracy
  • fix remaining lap display for two and three digit lap counts
Average users shall stay on version 2.5.5 (unless they are suffering from the fixed bugs).

Change Log:
  • fix time displays in case of accuracy milliseconds, reduce width for accuracy hundreths
  • fix crash when different languages are set (unicode errors in log files)
  • db change to version 16: Fix old duplicate point entries in point schematas and add a unique index to this table (was needed for stracker)
  • fix wrong badge icons displayed during qualifying
This is an experimental release. Average users shall stay on version 2.5.x.
Change Log:
  • changes to database scheme (the new scheme probably works with ptracker 2.5.x)
    • version 14
      • add championship tables for stracker
      • add column ESCPressed to Lap
      • add columns RequiredTrackChecksum and RequiredCarChecksum to Tracks / Cars tables
    • version 15
      • correct the session positions during migration (this has been done on the fly up to now)
      • add column FinishPositionOrig to table PlayerInSession
  • log usage of ESC key in database (for clients running ptracker) and include this info in the lap time information of sessions
  • many eye candy updates of the user interface
  • removed the ini_samples directory; all the settings are accessable in the config dialog
  • display badge icons in leaderboard
  • changed layout of hotlap line (comparison bases are now shown above of delta times)
  • provide a button in config dialog for reverting to default settings
  • provide a button in config dialog for FPS-optimized settings
  • remove the hotlap screen (replaced by the qualification screen)
  • add option for limit name lengths in leaderboards to a specific number of characters
  • change the default color for pit time display to make it better readable on a blue background
  • changed default settings for some options (most important: vertical alignment)
No changes to 2.5.5-experimental.
Sorry, the update from yesterday evening was not working as expected (due to insufficient unicode support from AC).
The average user shall still stay on stable version 2.4.5

  • Add basic ban/kick support (available in the setup dialog). Currently needs an stracker connection to work. You have to be logged in as admin via /admin chat command.
The average user shall stay on version 2.4.5.

  • fix message filtering configuration options (the checksum messages are off by default)
  • fix lap count in session details view, when the player has reconnected during a session
  • fix "hanging" live display on session change
  • modify checksum calculation once again (note that this will cause checksum errors for all people running ptracker <= 2.5.0)
The average user shall stay on version 2.4.5

Change Log:
  • changes to database scheme (the new db scheme will probably also work with stracker-2.4.x):
    • version 12:
      • add pit and pit lane time
      • add player group tables
      • add blacklist table
      • add setup deposit table
    • version 13:
      • add convenience view for banlist
  • add pit and pit lane information
  • configurable pit lane time displayed in hotlap line
  • exclude unimportant files from track and car checksums
  • send every (also the first in a session) detected lap to stracker (if available) regardless of the validness
  • implement setup deposit feature in ptracker
  • always send a message when ptracker saves a setup for whatever reason
  • add configuration options for displayed message types
  • add pin hack (for unpinned state)
  • potential fix for crash when opening the ptracker dialog
EDIT: For those of you having problems with AC crashing when trying to open the ptracker dialog, the 2.5.0 has a potential fix for this issue. Please report back, if the issue is still there or not.
  • add messages for local pb's
  • add messages after sending setups
  • add messages after saving received setups
  • add messages after cleaning up autosave setups
  • add messages when setting or resetting the comparison lap
Note: It seems that most bugs in 2.4.x has now figured out. I think this can be declared as a stable version now.
  • fix receiving lap details from stracker
  • fix rejoining a pre-booked server, when stracker connection is active (ptracker seemed to be stalled)
The average user shall stay on version 2.3.9.

  • fix race leaderboard display in case of vertical alignment = bottom
The average user shall stay on version 2.3.9.

  • add database admin commands for local db (in-game)
  • fix minor issue when clicking on an invalid lap in-game
  • fix possible deadlock issue introduced with 2.4.x

The average user shall stay on version 2.3.9.

  • add message lines when a setup has been received
  • add configurations for temperature and velocity units
  • add stuff to config dialog
  • add a limit to the text displayed on gui labels, avoid (most) cases where text exceeds a label
  • add theoretical and personal best to lap details page
  • remove excessive logging while in statistics mode py_log.txt
The average user should stay on 2.3.9 by now to avoid too much confusion...
  • changes to database scheme (old version 9, new version 11); it should still be possible to switch back to 2.3.x versions after an upgrade. (But stay on the safe side and perform a backup before switching)
    • add IsOnline column to table Players (it is NULL, if the player is offline or it is set to the server_name of the server the player is logged on)
    • add column Timestamp to table Lap (Lap.SessionTime and Session.StartDateTime are used to fill this column for old laps -> these timestamps are only approximate values and may contain errors)
    • add maximum lap speed to the Lap table
    • move assists from PlayerInSession table to Lap table
    • add additional assists tyre blankets and slipstream
  • add more potential stracker listening ports (42423, 42424, 23232, 23233)
  • introduce a messaging system from stracker to ptracker
  • fix pro mode flag in case TC or ABS settings are set to 'OFF'
  • fix the positioning problem of the ptracker app window introduced with AC 1.0RC
  • add max speed to lap statistics dialog
  • add new statistics page with lap's detailed information
  • support comparison with laps other than personal best (through the new detailed lap dialog)
  • hotlap line: (optional) add the comparison base of split/sector/lap times to hotlap line
  • display stracker messages in case of
    • player enters or exits the server
    • player achieves a personal best or server best lap time
    • checksum mismatches of tracks or cars of online players
Update supporting new Assetto Corsa release candidate.
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