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ptracker 3.4.0

lap and race tracker, send setups, autosave pb setups, advanced chat client

  1. Reduce runtime / increase achievable FPS

    This is an experimental version, average users are encouraged to stay with version 2.7.4 by now.

    This version addresses the problem of FPS hits and stutters seen by many people especially with higher frame rates. This is done by parallelizing the app's calculation and AC's main loop, technically by automatically spawning an .exe file much like RSR Live Timing does.

    • new db version 19 (relevant only for stracker):
    • add new table Teams
    • add new columns for Tracks and...
  2. Stable version of 2.7.x - adding chat functionality

    One of the weaknesses of AC is the lack of a proper chat. I tried to copy what is there in good old LFS and thought I add that to ptracker. You can press Alt+T (customizable) to get the line edit for your message (pressing Alt+T again hides the line edit).

    There are also shortcuts for common messages, currently mapped on the numpad keys 1-9 (Numlock has to be enabled for this). See configuration dialog for details, everything is customizable. It is also customizable whether messages are...
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  3. Bugfixes for the chat system

    Hopefully the last experimental version of 2.7.x; thanks for all your reports.

    • message shortcuts do not send messages anymore, when
      • sitting in pits
      • the chat editor is already active
      • whenever the ptracker window is hidden
    • all shortcuts are inactive when sitting in pits / when the ptracker window is hidden
    • changed default values for some config settings:
      • lap time mode is now "all" instead "fastest only"
      • message display time is...
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  4. Improvements in message sound configs, chat message shortcuts and overall bugfixes

    Still labelled as experimental (but this one can be seen as a "release candidate" for 2.7.x series).

    Change Log
    • fix zoom factor for some of the hotlap line elements
    • provide warning if in game app overlapping is disabled
    • add event-type configurable sounds
    • rearranged config dialog
    • fix shortcut message edit lines in config dialog
    • user can now choose how chat message shortcuts are processed (direct send, or send to chat editor)
    • alternating colors for chat messages...
  5. now with ptracker download

    oops, last upload has been stracker 2.7.2
  6. Fix chat, automatic and manual reconnection, zoom

    This is an experimental version, average users shall better stick with the 2.6.x versions.

    I hope that this version finally has a working hotkey support for the new chat feature. I missed to provide a .dll file with 2.7.1. I changed the default hotkey for talking to Alt+T, because the plain T have had too many side effects. I really like the chat addition, racing is now fun also without teamspeak :)

    There is also a new automatic reconnect feature when the connection to stracker is lost for...
  7. Hotfix for 2.7.0

    This is an experimental version, average users shall stick with 2.6.8.

    Reason for 2.7.0's failure was a problem with my windows registry. After fixing this I was able to reproduce the problem and hopefully fix it. For an explanation of the chat feature, see the update notes of 2.7.0.

    • better debugging of import failures by cleaning up ptracker.py
    • display help for chat at the beginning
    • rename LMenu / RMenu to LAlt / RAlt
    • add missing .pyd modules
  8. Experimental: Advanced chatting

    EDIT: It seems there is an issue with this version for many players. I'm going to try to find the root cause and fix it...

    This is an experimental release, average users shall stay with 2.6.x versions.

    One of the weaknesses of AC is the lack of a proper chat. I tried to copy what is there in good old LFS and thought I add that to ptracker. You can press the 't'- key (customizable) to get the line edit for your message. You might want customize that to another (less standard) key to reduce...
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  9. Compatibility with AC 1.1.x

    Change Log:
    • new database version: 17 (rename all existing references to vallelunga and vallelunga-club to new naming scheme, no changes in the database schema itself)
    • support track configurations (tracks are now called <trackname>-<trackconfig>, if they have a track configuration)
    • add support for using the AC server's TCP port + 42 as stracker connection port

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  10. 2.6.7 (session change fixes)

    I believe that this version can be labelled as stable.

    Change Log:
    • fix session change issues when stracker is present (when changing into qualify, avoid to take over best times of last session)
    • remove some debugging info from py_log.txt
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  11. apps are online again since KUNOS promised to support python

    Reading this...
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  12. 2.6.6-experimental: minor bugfix for remaining lap display

    Release candidate for 2.6.x series

    Change Log:
    • really fix remaining lap display for two and three digit lap counts
  13. 2.6.5-experimental: more layout fixes

    Still experimental, average users shall stay on 2.5.5.

    Change Log:
    • more layout fixes for millisecond accuracy
    • fix remaining lap display for two and three digit lap counts
  14. 2.6.3-experimental fixes some issues of 2.6.0

    Average users shall stay on version 2.5.5 (unless they are suffering from the fixed bugs).

    Change Log:
    • fix time displays in case of accuracy milliseconds, reduce width for accuracy hundreths
    • fix crash when different languages are set (unicode errors in log files)
    • db change to version 16: Fix old duplicate point entries in point schematas and add a unique index to this table (was needed for stracker)
    • fix wrong badge icons displayed during qualifying
  15. 2.6.0-experimental: GUI redesign

    This is an experimental release. Average users shall stay on version 2.5.x.
    Change Log:
    • changes to database scheme (the new scheme probably works with ptracker 2.5.x)
      • version 14
        • add championship tables for stracker
        • add column ESCPressed to Lap
        • add columns RequiredTrackChecksum and RequiredCarChecksum to Tracks / Cars tables
      • version 15
        • correct the session positions during migration (this has been done on the fly up to now)
        • add column...
  16. Version 2.5.5 declared stable

    No changes to 2.5.5-experimental.
  17. Fix kick feature for players with special characters

    Sorry, the update from yesterday evening was not working as expected (due to insufficient unicode support from AC).
  18. Add basic ban/kick suppurt via setup dialog

    The average user shall still stay on stable version 2.4.5

    • Add basic ban/kick support (available in the setup dialog). Currently needs an stracker connection to work. You have to be logged in as admin via /admin chat command.
  19. new experimental version (bugfixes)

    The average user shall stay on version 2.4.5.

    • fix message filtering configuration options (the checksum messages are off by default)
    • fix lap count in session details view, when the player has reconnected during a session
    • fix "hanging" live display on session change
    • modify checksum calculation once again (note that this will cause checksum errors for all people running ptracker <= 2.5.0)
  20. New experimental version adding pit stops, setup deposits

    The average user shall stay on version 2.4.5

    Change Log:
    • changes to database scheme (the new db scheme will probably also work with stracker-2.4.x):
      • version 12:
        • add pit and pit lane time
        • add player group tables
        • add blacklist table
        • add setup deposit table
      • version 13:
        • add convenience view for banlist
    • add pit and pit lane information
    • configurable pit lane time displayed in hotlap line
    • exclude...
  21. new version 2.4.5

    • add messages for local pb's
    • add messages after sending setups
    • add messages after saving received setups
    • add messages after cleaning up autosave setups
    • add messages when setting or resetting the comparison lap
    Note: It seems that most bugs in 2.4.x has now figured out. I think this can be declared as a stable version now.
  22. new experimental version: 2.4.4

    • fix receiving lap details from stracker
    • fix rejoining a pre-booked server, when stracker connection is active (ptracker seemed to be stalled)
  23. experimental release: 2.4.3

    The average user shall stay on version 2.3.9.

    • fix race leaderboard display in case of vertical alignment = bottom
  24. experimental release: 2.4.2

    The average user shall stay on version 2.3.9.

    • add database admin commands for local db (in-game)
    • fix minor issue when clicking on an invalid lap in-game
    • fix possible deadlock issue introduced with 2.4.x

  25. experimental release: 2.4.1

    The average user shall stay on version 2.3.9.

    • add message lines when a setup has been received
    • add configurations for temperature and velocity units
    • add stuff to config dialog
    • add a limit to the text displayed on gui labels, avoid (most) cases where text exceeds a label
    • add theoretical and personal best to lap details page
    • remove excessive logging while in statistics mode py_log.txt
  26. Experimental version introducing new features

    The average user should stay on 2.3.9 by now to avoid too much confusion...
    • changes to database scheme (old version 9, new version 11); it should still be possible to switch back to 2.3.x versions after an upgrade. (But stay on the safe side and perform a backup before switching)
      • add IsOnline column to table Players (it is NULL, if the player is offline or it is set to the server_name of the server the player is logged on)
      • add column Timestamp to table Lap...
  27. Compatibility with AC 1.0RC

    Update supporting new Assetto Corsa release candidate.
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