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ptracker 3.4.0

lap and race tracker, send setups, autosave pb setups, advanced chat client

  1. ptracker: new version 3.4.0

    • apply new API for getting MR grades
    • distinguish icons for MR-A (light green) and MR-B (dark green)
    • do not depend on the player name anymore to identify an stracker driver with a ptracker driver; there should be no issues anymore with kicking/banning drivers with weird character names
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  2. New version 3.3.6

    Fix the setup sharing / autosaving issue that appeared with AC 1.13
  3. New version 3.3.5

    New stable version with the following changes:
    • add support for timed races
    • add possibility to display minorating grades (needs to be enabled in config dialog)
    • display delta as 1 L if more than a lap behind
    • integrate assist icon update from AC forum user @Laurent81 (thanks a lot)
    • use "new" API function for querying tyre compound, data from stracker is not needed anymore
    • add tyre images for q, v70 and v78 short names
  4. Bugfix release

    • installer: fix detection of AC installation directory
    • (hopefully) fix ptracker zombie processes (after 3 minutes without activity, ptracker.exe should stop itself automatically)
    • fix ptracker not working when single player opponents or the ego player have special characters in the name (race.ini); thanks to Schnipp for supporting
    • fix TC and ABS values displayed in lap details stat (and display 0 randomly)
    • fix road/air temperature in local stats
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  5. new stable version 3.2.9

    About time to declare the 3.2.x series stable I would say.

    Changes compared to 3.1.x (better formatted change logs are available here: http://www.n-e-y-s.de/ptracker_doc#auto_chapter_3)

    • statistics browsing in ptracker is now much more fun due to integrated browser.
      • The local stats can now be as easily accessed as the server stats.
      • Server stat pages are directly generated from the server with same look and feel...
  6. 3.2.8-experimental

    Uploaded experimental versions 3.2.8 of ptracker and stracker to http://n-e-y-s.de. Looks like there might be still a problem with ptracker. If you observe "hangups", please use the version 3.2.8 to report the logs.

    ptracker changes:
    • update sim_info structure for AC 1.6
    • do not change the fuel display when clicking on the number (this area is reserved for pinning, fuel display is changed when clicking on fuel symbol)
    • remove pin hack, since this is not needed...
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  7. 3.2.7-experimental

    Uploaded experimental versions 3.2.7 of stracker and ptracker to http://n-e-y-s.de. This is now the release candidate.


    • Fix framerate problems/microstuttering occuring mostly on Nordschleife with many cars.
    • Fix "cleanup autosave setups" functionality to cope with new filenames.
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  8. 3.2.6-experimental

    Uploaded experimental versions 3.2.6 of stracker and ptracker to http://n-e-y-s.de. I think we are finally getting somewhere close to stable ...

    Change Logs:

    • installer: fix ptracker installation path detections containing / instead of \
    • add option "Show cars based on track pos" (default: next and last car)
    • add option "Colorize drivers around you" (default: True)
    • add option "Show driver status" (default: True)
    • add display of arrows to...
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  9. 3.2.5-experimental

    Uploaded new experimental versions 3.2.5 of ptracker and stracker to http://n-e-y-s.de. Unexperienced users shall stay with the latest stable 3.1.x versions.

    Thanks to all of you reporting issues and bugs of these experimental versions. For this version, special thanks to @QC. :)

    • Versions 3.2.0 to 3.2.4 have problems with the stracker/ptracker protocol backwards compatibility and they are not able to connect with these new versions and also not with...
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  10. 3.2.4-experimental

    Uploaded new experimental version 3.2.4 for stracker and ptracker. As usual, experimental versions can be downloaded from http://n-e-y-s.de

    • ptracker got an installer
    • fixes for the changes in the timing
    Change Log:

    • ptracker comes now with an installer. Execute the .exe and you will be guided through the installation. The MSVC 2015 redistributables should be installed automatically if needed. A small test is performed to...
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  11. 3.2.3-experimental

    Here we go, experimental ptracker and stracker version 3.2.3. As usual you can download experimental versions from http://n-e-y-s.de, unexperienced users shall stay with the stable versions. I still expect some bugfix versions needed for 3.2.x.

    • advances in the new in-game browser (mouse wheel and keyboard support)
    • support for point to point tracks (A2B) in both stracker and ptracker
    • ptracker's timing scheme has been...
  12. 3.2.1-experimental

    ptracker, version 3.2.1-experimental is available for download at http://n-e-y-s.de/download :cool:

    ptracker highlights:
    • new in-game statistics browsing
    • leaderboard changes when spectating cars
    • replay mode [limited feature set]
    • configurable chat filtering (e.g., PLP:)
    I'd like to hear your opinions about ptracker's new statistics browsing: Is it working for you? Do you like it, what could be made better, etc?

    A few words about version...
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  13. 3.1.6 new stable version

    Alternative download link: http://n-e-y-s.de/download

    Change Log (compared to 3.0.x), see also http://n-e-y-s.de/ptracker_doc:
    • better debugging possibilities for problems when launching ptracker-server.py
    • replace pysqlite3 module by apsw (big change - I hope this will be working!)
    • new tyre images (better visual colors)
    • fix for A->B track caused division by zero
    • loading and saving setups is now detected again (you might need to install the...
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  14. 3.1.6-experimental

    Uploaded ptracker 3.1.6, experimental version, to http://n-e-y-s.de/download

    • fix ptracker connection error when one of the ports answers unexpectedly
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  15. 3.1.5-experimental

    Uploaded ptracker/stracker versions 3.1.5. This should be the last experimental before going stable, so if you have a chance, it would be nice you could give it a go. As usual, experimental downloads are here: http://n-e-y-s.de/download

    • fix double entry about fuel prediction display in config dialog
    • fix sending setup sender name
    • fix possible error in udp plugin plausibility check (RuntimeError:...
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  16. 3.1.4-experimental

    Uploaded experimental versions 3.1.4 of ptracker and stracker. Downloads on http://n-e-y-s.de/download

    Change Log:

    • fix tracebacks from the database system for better debugging
    • fix db errors at database compression
    • fix tracebacks from the database system for better debugging
    • fix db errors at database compression
    • fix unexpected exit of live map for secondary stracker instances
    • fix wrong...
  17. 3.1.3-experimental: fixes and improvements

    Uploaded experimental versions 3.1.3 for ptracker and stracker.


    • add a message explaining to install the microsoft redistributable package for enable setup sharing (if not already present)
    • fix update of dialog when redisplaying (e.g., setups should be shown correctly now)
  18. 3.1.2-experimental; bugfixes and improvements

    Uploaded experimental version 3.1.2 for stracker and ptracker.

    Beneath many bug fixes, there is also a switch from python's builtin sqlite module to the external apsw which provides a better transaction model (aims to fix the instabilities observed during database migrations with parallel stracker instances running). Though already tested quite a lot, there might be some new issues regarding this change.

    On another note, one user reported that the setup detection did not work for him. He...
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  19. 3.1.0-experimental: restore setup functions / fuel info / UI changes

    Experimental version, average users shall stay with current 3.0.x stable versions!

    • loading and saving setups is now detected again
      • sharing setups shall now work again
      • autosave pb setups shall also work again
      • provide a local message when a set is changed
    • add option for detaching the message window from ptracker (default: off)
    • add option for increasing the width of the message window
    • add option for display lap times as delta (default:...
  20. 3.0.8 - hotfix for AC 64 bit mode

    Sorry, forgot to add the 64 bit folder to the app. Here is the fix for that.
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