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ptracker 3.4.0

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First release
Last update
4.43 star(s) 74 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. ptracker: new version 3.4.0

    ChangeLog apply new API for getting MR grades distinguish icons for MR-A (light green) and MR-B...
  2. New version 3.3.6

    Fix the setup sharing / autosaving issue that appeared with AC 1.13
  3. New version 3.3.5

    New stable version with the following changes: add support for timed races add possibility to...
  4. Bugfix release

    Changes: installer: fix detection of AC installation directory (hopefully) fix ptracker zombie...
  5. new stable version 3.2.9

    About time to declare the 3.2.x series stable I would say. Changes compared to 3.1.x (better...

Latest reviews

Just FYI regarding the latest negative reviews about the installation path that has to be default..... It isn't ideal, but you can extract the contents of a NullSoft Installer, which this is. If you have 7zip, you can extract it from the right-click context menu.

That will leave you with a normal apps and content folder.
Same problem, can't install due to not using the default path for Assetto Corsa.
Same problem with install. Pop-up errors and virus checker error.
the same problem as in
Dirk Steffen
This app unfortunately comes with an extremely buggy installation method via exe file which does not allow installation should you have Assetto Corsa not installed in the default path. Please consider to pack the app as every other app maker either for direct installation via Content Manager or manual file placement. I was not able to install. During the install process popup windows would constantly interrupt the process, the custom file path would not be saved and in the end the app installation process informed me that a virus program would not allow the execution of the install process. I hope in a future update this can be improved (simply deliver the app as every other app is delivered.
Good App. But I have a suggestion to the programmer. After the race or the other driving session you can watch your droven times in the sTracker, right? You can see on the sheet your name and time between other drivers. If you click your name it shows a graph with high and low section as a comb, right?. So it would be a usefull feature if you can click on some of the part of the graph Example in some lowest part - that you can see on the track layout where this place is as a colored point. So you can orianted your self where you are slow or you loose time.
I loved all features, especially chatting but this app causes my mouse to go nutz. I use mouse steering and my mouse sensivity goes crazy high sometimes for 10 secs while I have this app running. When I shut down this app from task manage, its fixed. I wish you could fix that, thanks.
Is this app still maintained? It hangs quite regularly. Other than that it is an awesome app...
good app only i have no connection when i look at remote stats i see error code 3 no connection can someone say what i have to do i don t have stracker
I just love the app! Only problem I found is that on the inverted grid, the app will always show me 1st, with 15, 16, 17 laps (timed race depending on the track) right in the start of the second race. The other positions are OK.
I think MazyCZ had the same issue.
I'll take a look at the support page and create a topic, if no other is there.

Very nice work!
I was using this app for long time and it has very nice features, but lately it doesnt work for me. On the standings, it shows me for some reason that i am leading and other drivers are for example +5 laps down. The app starts to work after those 5 laps. Firstly it started in race 2 reverse grid but now it also starts in Race 1 after qualy or practice. I tried to reinstall it but no luck :(
Please use the support pages to report issues.
Superb and helpful tool, many thanks.
Great app, just what I was looking for
Still an essential mod for Assetto. I wish Kunos would have done this, this way neys would get more free time for himself ;)
Thanks for the updates Neys!
pTracker along with sTracker are must have apps for AC I love the spectating and other features only pTracker can provide
Thanks for continued progress of these apps neys ;)
Great app with a lot of info. But with new version of AC it have problem with save setups. It save only pitstrategy (file xxx.sp) as setup, but no setup is saved. New format of save in AC is 2 files (*.ini and *.sp). So you need to keep in mind to save setup yourself. Also now is problem with sending setup.
I've realized that just yesterday eve. There is already experimental version 3.3.6 for download at http://n-e-y-s.de and it will soon be stable.
Thanks for the best app AC
grazie ;)
One of the best applications for Assetto Corsa.
I have to say this about ptracker: it is the single best racing instructor (carbon- or silicon-based) I have ever found. Those little green numbers (or grey...if you're not doing it right) in the upper lefthand corner tell you everything you need to know...in real time (like sector indicators...only continuously updated). The most valuable lesson (just as Doug Arnao taught GPLers 20 years ago) is IN SLOW/OUT FAST. Deep braking doesn't do it; downshifting early doesn't do it; winding it to the redline coming out doesn't do it; only your exit speed counts. Nothing else I've learned has taught me how to improve my laptimes as much as this simple little app. [advert...but no kidding]
Great app, but for me is a little bit CPU killer unfortunately. I use PhenomII x4 925, which is a really old CPU but this app is reducing my fps with ~5/~10%

If you have a great CPU, you will not have any problem
Nice app
just what everybody needs...great work...thx