Track Map Display

Track Map Display 1.16

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This app is a replacement for KUNOS map display always showing the whole map of the track with all the cars. You can also record maps for custom tracks.
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Latest updates

  1. Potential fix for the disappearing app issue

    Changes potential fix for the disappearing app issue reported by many users. Thanks to RD user...
  2. Non-race session coloring regarding out-laps / respect focused car

    Change Log: - respect the new focusedCar() API to change the perspective to the currently...
  3. 1.14 (compatibility update for AC 1.3)

    Please make sure to remove the old version before updating! Change Log: 64 bit support...
  4. Compatibility with AC 1.1.x

    Change Log: another workaround for dangling cars in MP (after a player has disconnected)...
  5. apps are online again since KUNOS promised to support python

    apps are online again since KUNOS promised to support python

Latest reviews

Thanks for this. I really like being able to see the whole track/road, especially when I'm learning a new layout or exploring a huge open world (one can literally get lost without it). I've also been using this for the onboard portion in some of my vids. Shuto was my first capture and it has a coloured map option with region names on it which looks interesting
excellent app thanks
almost perfect
i really like option to record map on ur own
there should be a timer app working like this i hate running laps on free roam maps that i cant record my times
Great app, far more useful than stock app and its customiseable.
4 out of 5 stars as the install and usage documentation is very spare, and it's not intuitive to get it working. (read the support comments if you have problems, it's what I had to do to get it working. (I still don't fully know yet how to customise it as its not very well doc'd Yet..
Still easy to get working if u also realise you need to enable it in the game options in AC (and u copy files to correct place)....
nice app
It does not show my position on the map
Excellent! Use the map_display.ini to customize.(apps/map_display.ini/python)
this should be in the game files to begin with. thank you. had to redownload for some reason after having it for 1+ year.(i blame a windows 10 update)
incredible. and we need to make the size bigger. yep size matters in some resolutions :P.
good job,please update, don't work in same tracks
Very good and useful but the only "problem" is the size of the map. Just litte too small in 1920x1080.

but thx for the work !
I've installed everything where it's supposed to be in the ac map, still don't understand how to get this to work. Someone please explain.
I dislike the design but it works, maybe better than the defualt.
Thank you. Works great.
Very useful and easy to use. Well deserves a beer for the author. Thank you
Its great
better than the default
Terrific app.
Enjoy seeing position of my opposition.
Is it possible to make the map larger on screen?
With a 4k monitor, the map is very, very small.
Thanks for your great work.
Best apps for me! Used always, thx!
Just a minor thing, when using this app for some reason makes the VSYNC kick in at 30FPS even if you have adaptive vsync on...
Since 1.14.2 the app isn't in the toolbar all the time
Since 1.14 the app isn't in the toolbar all the time. By driving Nordschleife the app is missing often
Great app and I've actually recorded a few tracks already, too. Thank you.