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Danny Giusa's tyre temperatures 1.6.2

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App to display tyre temperatures and pressures automatically adapting colors to optimal temperature range for most builtin cars.

FAQ: If you have questions about the nature of the values displayed by this app or how the tyre physics works in general, please read the thread before posting here. Most questions have already been discussed there.

How to configure the app for custom temperature ranges

Since version 1.6.0, the app can be configured to display custom temperature ranges for specific cars / car classes. Therefore you will need the files
<your documents>/Assetto Corsa/logs/py_log.txt
A) Set the class of an unknown car

If the app displays the tyre "unknown" for a given car, it might be enough to set the class of the car. Therefore, open tyre_temp.ini and search for the section CLASSMAP:
; Set the class of a specific car (as listed in content/cars). Known classes are GT2, GT3, EXOS125, F1_1986, F1_1970, F1_1967, FAB. You can also create new classes here.
ks_corvette_c7r = GT2
; Set the class of a specific car (as listed in content/cars). Known classes are GT2, GT3, EXOS125, F1_1986, F1_1970, F1_1967, FAB. You can also create new classes here.
ks_nissan_gtr_gt3 = GT3
To add a car to an existing class, add a key/value pair just like in the above example. The key must match the directory name of the car under <assetto_corsa_install_dir>/content/cars (use small letters!).

B) Set or override the temperature mapping of a given car / tyre combo

This can be done by following this step-by-step guide:
  1. Start the game with the car selected. Choose the tyre you want to configure, click on drive and exit the game again.
  2. Open py_log.txt with a text editor (e.g., notepad)
  3. Search for a line like[INFO ]: Temperature mapping found: car name 'bmw_m3_gt2', class/tyre name 'GT2 Slick Soft'
    or[INFO ]: Car name 'bmw_m3_gt2', class/tyre name 'GT2 Slick Soft'
  4. The interesting part here is the "GT2 Slick Soft". The first part of this name is the class the car is currently mapped to (here GT2), or STD, if no specific mapping is used. The second part "Slick Soft" is the name of the selected tyre.
  5. To add a temperature mapping for this tyre, add the following lines to the section [TYREMAP_OVERRIDES] in tyre_temp.ini:
    tyre_2_class = GT2
    tyre_2_tyre_name = Slick Soft
    tyre_2_display_name = myGT2Softs
    tyre_2_opt_temp_max = 50
    tyre_2_opt_temp_min = 20
    Note that the mappings must have indices starting from 0. In my case I already had two other mappings tyre_0_... and tyre_1_..., therefore I have used the tyre_2_... prefix for the mapping. tyre_2_class must be set to the class reported in the .ini file. tyre_2_tyre_name must be set to the tyre name reported in the .ini file. tyre_2_display_name must be set to a unique name used for displaying the tyre in the app (It must be different to any other tyre name!). min and max temperature are defining the optimum temperature range.
  6. To verify that everything works, save the .ini file, restart the game and check if the temperature mapping is used as expected. If it is not used, inspect the py_log.txt file for errors and warnings and try to correct them. You should see a line[INFO ]: Registering temperature overrides (20-50) for tyre 'Slick Soft' of class 'GT2' displayed as 'myGT2Softs'
    matching your customization
  7. Hint: If you rename the .ini file to another file name, the app will regenerate a new ini file with default settings.

Changes in 1.6.0:

Looks like there are no updates from KUNOS regarding the optimum temperature ranges of newly added tyres (the thread hasn't been updated since adding La Ferrari). I tried multiple times to beg for this information, but the devs do not seem to care.

Because of that, and because of the great spectrum of mod cars out there, I decided to make it possible to customize the optimum tyre temperature ranges by editing the tyre_temp.ini file. I hope the examples in this file are speaking for themselfs for the interested users.

If something goes wrong, please try to rename your tyre_temp.ini file before posting a bug report to see if the app works with the default settings.

Change Log:
  • fix formula abarth hard tyre typo
  • add ferrari_458_gt2 to GT2 class
  • make tyre temperature ranges customizable via .ini file editing (edit tyre_temp.ini beneath for that; generated after first app start)
  • improve wear display accuracy (use the inverse display option in tyre_temp.ini)
  • add an auto-hide mode for the tyre type label. In this mode, the tyre type will not be hidden if it is actually unknown. There are still the options to always hide it and never hide it (look at the .ini file)
  • Adapted all tyre names to new naming scheme of AC 1.2
  • Compatibility update for AC 1.3

Latest updates

  1. 1.6.2 (compatibility update for AC 1.3)

    Change Log: 64 bit support Compatibility with AC 1.3
  2. New version 1.6.1 - compatibility with AC 1.2

    Kunos changed all the tyre names and I had to update the app accordingly. Enjoy!
  3. Improve customization options / improve wear display accuracy

    Looks like there are no updates from KUNOS regarding the optimum temperature ranges of newly...

Latest reviews

Manuel Staedel
It need an update for "I M O"
Well, this is still not possible with current API, sorry. All in all I'd recommend the Kunos app from now on I have to say
Great work with the app. But, I faced several problems with the game itself. They are, tyre temp is not understandable to me without proper inner/mid/outer tyre temps, due to that I cannot motivate myself to fiddle with the camber settings. Tyre wear calculated via load/slip(?)/distance traveled, continuous burnout does not wear tyres at all. Also, weird range in toe settings. I expected this game to have proper tyre data monitor. If I setup the car totally asymmetric with cambers (lets say I push left side to the all negative and right side to the all positive) car does not show any actual difference in handling. Do you recommend any solution?
You really should place these questions to Kunos on the Assetto Corsa forum The app just displays the data available and I can't help if this data is not matching your expectations. Thanks.
Great work.
works great. no fluff, just useful information. Some cars are not automatically selected due to kunos' lack of communication on tyre parameters, but now you can dev it up and set up auto-selections yourself!
I think with AC version 1.2 Kunos has renamed all the tyres. I have to update the app...
Thanks works perfect on game version 1.1.4.

If you have time change font size from 14 - 12 to 18 - 14 it is alot better.... And made option for hide pin icon.
Perfect, thank you.
very good, i just want to know why the optimium tyre temperatures are different from rivali ov1? which one is more close to reality this or rivali ov1?
Not sure, but I think ov1info has a constant temp range independent from the tyre/car combo used. This app uses the optimal tyre temp range supplied by the devs for most built-in cars.
awesome thanks
Very useful and well presented. Thanks a lot!
Brilliant little app, thanks
Very useful app, intutively presented!
pioneer tyre app
Great tool. Auto detects tires types!
Great work! Both you and Danny :)
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